Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I'm Almost Over You
January 26, 2019 12:29 AM - Season 4, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Rebecca tries to stick to her plan for happiness while Nathaniel and Maya bond over their feelings of unrequited love.
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I liked it. The rom-com spoof was funny but I think my favorite moment was at the end, when Nathaniel is talking to Rebecca about how he created a pop cultural fantasy in his head which he got some insight from and she's like, "I can relate...."

A lot of people are talking about "who Rebecca will wind up with", but I really hope she DOESN't "wind up with a guy" in the end because I feel like the point of the show has been to push against those rom-com tropes. The show has been about a unique story of personal growth for someone who has some mental health I am really hopeful that the ending won't be tied together with a trite rom-com bow.
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As I watched it, I thought it was a dead-on funny parody of rom-coms that was only tangentially related to the main plot and was basically a distraction. But then, when Nathaniel's speech to Maya dissolved into him realizing he had to let Rebecca go... I was pleasantly surprised and even mildly impressed.

And yes, the exchange where Nathaniel says, I don't know if this is going to make sense, but I sort of had this daydream where I inserted myself into a pop culture trope and it let me learn something about real life and Rebecca was all, YES, I UNDERSTAND was the high point.
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The deconstruction/parody of the rom-com genre was cute and clever, and Nathaniel was owed a good strong episode for his character development. I don't think I would have personally slotted him into a rom-com, but this show seems pretty good about putting characters into completely unexpected situations.

I'm still not sure that I'm buying that Nathaniel is completely over Rebecca and that their relationship is done for (at least on his side). Yes, he's trying, but I suspect he hasn't fully succeeded, at least not yet.

I have to say, that pinstripe outfit Maya was wearing for the big presentation was certainly something.
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This episode was even better when I remembered that Aline Brosh-McKenna wrote The Devil Wears Prada. Quite the flex.
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I really enjoyed this whole rom-com tropes thing. It was very well done. I admit I expected better singing on "Gratuitous Karaoke Song," but I also like meta-tunes. And Maya is darned cute.

I kinda knew he wouldn't end up with Maya for real but I almost was kinda rooting for it anyway. Poor guy. I am feeling for him. Josh is cheerfully shallow about it all but Nathaniel's actually kinda brokenhearted.
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Was it just me, or were both Nathaniel and Maya more attractive *before* the makeover montage?
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I think I laughed the hardest at Nathaniel tucking Maya in on the couch, followed by Maya tucking Nathaniel in on the bed using the same blanket

no, never mind, I laughed hardest at Paula's "what is my purpose?"
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I’m with k8t- this episode was “meh” for me. It felt like a bottle episode- one we easily could have seen at any point in the last season or two. Feels like they’re just burning time until the series ends.
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I had a great time with this episode's romcom parody -- lunasol, that is AMAZING and thank you!

I wonder whether any of the work-montage dialogue was improvised, e.g., "and then he said, 'I just don't want to be your dog anymore'."
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