Counterpart: No Strings Attached
January 28, 2019 4:06 AM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The fallout of the lockdown casts suspicions around the OI. Howard and Emily Prime find clues about the history of Management. Clare questions her allegiances.
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The pieces are moving into place - but for what end? Will this season resolve somewhat cleanly, or will we have loose ends carry forward?

I did like the symmetry of the Howards and Emilys reconnecting at the end, with opposite-world Others paired up.

Still loving the twists and turns and feel like there is a lot more world to explore.
posted by jazon at 8:34 AM on January 28, 2019

I'm still a little lost in why Howard Prime doesn't show Emily Alpha a picture of Clare. Why is he / was he in cahoots with Peter? Why doesn't he come clean with Naya?
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Did anyone else find the caption "Our side" a bit jarring when showing Shaw's backstory? I was trying to watch the show from a kind of neutral position so seeing the writerly intent there was a shade disappointing. It's still an open question which side is the "prime" since they were copies of each other until diverging. Having a writerly bias like that opens the door to make the flu-stricken side seem more wraithlike than real.

It was also a little awkward to shoot Temple's Muslim prayer scene straight on like that. If I was director I would've shot it from the side or at an angle---too intimate otherwise (another nitpick is you don't say the words she said aloud). But those are minor nitpicks and her depiction as a Muslim woman is actually pretty positive and good to see.
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Speaking of Clare, it must be weird for Boniadi to play the role of someone setup as a wife for an important figure for the cause since that's basically what happened to her in Scientology with Tom Cruise.
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Other Howard isn't meant to be on the Original side, so I think Peter was holding that over his head. I dont think Original Howard is meant to be familiar enough with his boss's wife to show photos of her to Emily.
posted by harriet vane at 5:15 AM on February 25, 2019

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