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January 28, 2019 8:21 PM - Season 7, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The past comes back to haunt both Oliver and Laurel. Curtis is upset when he discovers that Diggle and Lyla have restarted the Ghost Initiative with Diaz, China White, Kane Wolfman, and Carrie Cutter.
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Please tell me that we've now dispensed of Diaz and that he has outworn his usefulness so ARGUS can dump him in some prison black hole never to be seen again.

I hate to admit it, but I had no problem with Curtis when it seemed he had been killed. I think that's because they seen to have run out of story lines for him and his character seems to be stagnating.

It seems that this show is trying to put together its own Birds of Prey team with Laurel, Dinah and Felicity working together on missions and cases that don't involve Oliver at all. I think I'm in favour of this approach, at least for now.

Apparently shoulder pads are back in a big way in Star City. That was some impressive garment construction on the jacket Laurel was wearing for her interview.

I know they're trying hard to sell the threat Dante poses, but so far they haven't hit the right type of pitch, at least for me. At this point, I don't care what he's done, or what he's doing, but more than that, I really don't like Diggle being such an ends-justify-the-means type of law enforcement official. I don't think his character swing makes a lot of sense, unless they suddenly reveal he has been brainwashed or swapped with a double from an alternate earth or something.

In contrast, the stalker arc does have the potential to be a bit more interesting (or at least my fingers are crossed it leads to something worth watching).
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I do not give any kind of shit about the Suicide Ghost Squad Initiative other than kind of enjoying Cupid's crazy and I AM SICK OF THEM TRYING TO MAKE DIAZ HAPPEN. The actor must be a super sweetheart in real life to work with or something, but the character's a nasty turd.

I really enjoyed Curtis mind-fucking him over so hard. That was a delight.

I dunno about how I feel about Felicity befriending Semi-Evil Laurel, but it's better than some other alternatives on this show.
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I'm all in on the Felicity and !Laurel team up. !Laurel is slowly redeeming herself, but watching Katie Cassidy embracing the role has been a delight, !Laurel gets so much mileage out of her scowls. But in this episode, the vulnerability Cassidy portrayed was way better than anything she did with Earth-1 Laurel's alcoholism. Perhaps it's a symptom of improving their acting chops, as Stephen Amell has done, being on one show for a long period of time.

Also, I was iffy about Oliver being outed and then just running around as the Green Arrow without the hood, but with this episode I'm pivoting to a new perspective. It's an interesting study on life-after-the-mask, what vigilantes can do once they've been exposed. I suppose there's comparison to Tony Stark living his life in the open as Iron Man, but he's done that since the start. So here there's a the added caveat of Oliver having lied to the city for so long and now he has to be extra truthful, like with his father's sins, to be accepted in the city.

I'm wondering if the Dante stuff and the stalker stuff are related, I wouldn't put it past the writers, but I'm trying not to assume anything and just enjoying the characters. I really liked that Curtis pulled one over on Diaz, even though I kinda saw it coming, especially when he was "killed". It's true that they need to give Curtis more to do, and I think they're trying to do that with his speech at the end. Also, he's moonlighting for Emiko and Rene, so I think that's where they'll take him next for the show to keep him relevant.
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