Any interest in some Walking Dead rewatching?
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I can't get enough Walking Dead. I checked FanFare for discussion of seasons 1–4, and found that there haven't been any! Is that a thing you crazy kids would be into?

I guess we'd want to start with the first episode, but I'm open to other ideas. For example, since many of the storylines we're following in the current season began in season 4, maybe rewatching season 4 would help to illuminate / refresh things?

(This is my first FanFare post – please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!)
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...and if I'm postin' em, they're gonna be show only, since I haven't read the comics. (Well, I read the first trade paperback, but it only confirmed that comics are not the medium for me.)
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I caught an episode somewhere in the middle of S3(?) and it just seemed stupid, zombies, what, just do a little planning and even that, stupid. Ok, so recently after reading how popular I decide to try a couple episodes from the beginning, as context, not that I'm a big spoilers worrier or anything, can usually drop in the middle of anything and if it's good pick up enough to enjoy it, but heck why not try. Well, this really needed context, the first season is enthralling.

So, I'd likely find something to comment on.

But fyi this is what I'd carry, I used one once to take down a shed, would be effective on zombies.
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I'd been thinking about watching from the beginning. I watched most of S1 at the time, because I like seeing different visions of what a post-apocalyptic world looks like, but then lost interest. Now I'm watching again and barely recognise the characters since I haven't seen them develop. So, yeah. I don't have a lot of spare time but I would try to keep up.
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Starting from season 4 would be awesome. The Red Thoughts consort and I rage quit after the end of season 2, and we only recently got back in with season 5.
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Season 2 is just such a terrible boring slog so I would bow out for that, but I'm definitely up for a season 1 rewatch.
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Okay, it sounds like there's some interest.

Seasons 1 through 4 are available on Netflix, so that's a convenient option for many people.

I guess I'm leaning toward starting from the beginning? I'm kinda torn, but it sounds like most folks would be down with that. Maybe we can attract a few newcomers, too.

Maybe I'll post S01E01 tomorrow evening, and we can shoot for a new episode each Friday? Is that more or less how this works?
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