Black Lightning: The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire
February 12, 2019 4:48 AM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Odell's decision to move the pod kids to another facility because of the Markovian threat has unexpected consequences. Meanwhile, Jennifer plots revenge, Jefferson receives some interesting news, and Anissa makes a shocking discovery.
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Grace's background just got ... heavy.

And it's a really good thing that The 100, despite having the forewarning that a Meta with lightning-like abilities was going to come for the new runner, didn't resort to guns.
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damn... poor Todd

so they stated there's 4 Masters of Disaster, and I guess that's Shakedown, Heatstroke, Coldsnap, and New Wave. Windfall is now Wendy Hernandez who's the girl that Lynn saved and will hopefully on the side of good? I guess the show could always have her go bad and join the MOD, sort of a reversal on the comics.

I actually like what they did with Jefferson giving up being principal. It's a hard choice to make, but he had to choose the one that's best for everyone and that's some great character development.
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The set-up to Jefferson's dilemma was kind of shitty: "you have the option to throw the other guy under the bus to get your old job back, lucky you!"

Show-Wendy crashed a police car, "alone and lashing out" due to coming out of stasis 30 years later, having a psychotic episode complete with paranoia and hallucinations. She could still go bad, like Khalil became Painkiller, if Tobias gets to her and convinces her that the ASA and the government are her enemies.
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Whether or not Jefferson becomes principal again, I still don't think Lowry should have the job.

I second the "yeah, "Grace's" backstory is hard going."
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Yeah, the Lowry thing was disappointing. Even if Jefferson didn't feel he could give his all to the school, Lowry has proven himself to be unfit for the job. I suppose it's possible that this turn of events could lead to his being humbled and willing to take Jefferson's advice, but from his characterization so far it seems like he'll just double down on his school-to-prison-pipeline tactics.
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My money is on Lowry being set-up for an arc to make some big sacrifice (probably dying) to protect or save some kids so that Jefferson eventually returns to being principal and our B villain gets some form of redemption. I hope that instead Lowry just screws up so that he gets tossed on his keister. Then we get the return of Jefferson Pierce, Principal extraordinaire.
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I can understand Jefferson realizing that he's not the best choice for principal but that shouldn't mean they need to keep Lowry as they haven't given us any reason to be sympathetic to that character.

That said, I mostly watch to see Jennifer get angry and kick butt and this episode did not disappoint! I wonder if they will explore how she is able to create so much energy?
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oh yeah one thing they didn't touch on was why she passed out. she's never shown to "run out" of her energy before right?
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