MST3K Club?
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When I first watched this show in hs, my friends and I would get together and watch them together. Now that so many episodes are available for free online, what would be better than watching them with fellow mefites?

Wondering if there is any interest in a MST3K club and if so how often you think episodes should be posted considering they are about 90 minutes long. Also should we go in order or make a schedule based on suggestions/availability? Many of the eps are available free online now. In addition should we include rifftrax and cinematic titanic or just be for MST3K only?
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You are in luck! There is an existing MST3K club that is 8 episodes in. JHarris has been organizing group viewings of the episodes as well. I haven't joined yet but I probably will for Season 2.
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Damn it. How did I not notice this? I come on here every damn day. ARGH.
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Hey, yesterday I also realized there were movie clubs I didn't know of (lots of them!) plus I had other posting questions so I posted a MeTa about it.
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Our viewings were on hiatus for a few months, which we just came off of. At the moment we're aiming for Thursday evenings for our viewings. We've not been calling it a "MST3K Club," but I guess it amounts to it.

We've been going through the episodes from the beginning of the cable era, meaning we're still churning through the first season. Just five more of those to go! Additionally, I've been hunting up extras, like shorts and RiffTrax best-of videos, for additional amusements to put before and after the movie itself each week.
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What's it called? Have you seen Cinematic Titanic? I had the honor of seeing it in person 2 times. It's fantastic.
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I've got a couple of Cinematic Titanic DVDs somewhere, and at DragonCon one year they brought a DVD to show the crowd, but I didn't get to see a live show alas.
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I keep getting excited seeing MST threads here, and then disappointed when I remember they're going in chronological order. I like Joel well enough but I definitely prefer Mike episodes. I wish they were just going in random order so we could get a nice mix of Joel and Mike era episodes.
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Librarypt, while the main episodes are Joel, we often have shorts RiffTrax compilations and other Mike-containing artifacts as pre-roll and after-show material. Last Thursday we had the Academy of Robots Awards Special, which is solidly Mike stuff.
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