Young Justice: Season Three - Outsiders (full)
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Two years after the events of season two, the Team battles metahuman trafficking on a worldwide scale. The Light continues its plotting, and new characters from the worlds New Genesis and Apokolips make their appearance.
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Just finished up Part 1 (ep 1-13) and I'm torn. Season two was a blast, and while I appreciate the character arcs so far in this one, the series has really taken a dark turn; I really don't like their injury fetish for Halo, regardless of her regenerative powers. I still expect to continue watching when Part 2 starts up again in June, but the ~edginess~ now that they're no longer on Cartoon Network is half-turning me off.
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I could have used a chart for who some of the tertiary characters were. I get that you're not watching this if you don't know Teen Titans backwards and forwards, but give us a few more memory aids.

I did love the razzbery/homage to Teen Titans Go in there, easy for them because they had most of the voica actors at hand anyway.
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I agree, I could’ve used a chart or more reminders as well, especially considering how many voice actors pulled multiple roles. (Recognizing them was throwing me off.) I happened to watch it with a friend who is considerably more knowledgeable about DC than I am, but some parts were rough when we had to remind each other who was who and from what context.

I think Private Security was one of our favorite comedy relief episodes. We were rolling with laughter during the truck chase of the Goode Goggles, even if the juxtaposition of Zatara spending an hour with her father was emotional whiplash.
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I just watched the second half of the season. I still spent time pausing the credits and googling names. I'm guessing they have a season four in mind based on the stinger.
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I hadn't seen seasons one or two for a long time, so I've been watching this whole thing in the last couple of weeks. Which helps, except when the roster expands with Justice League folks I've never heard of.

Artemis saying "Welcome to the fake-your-own-death club. Its membership is very exclusive and I'm the president." was a great callback to Season Two.

The Doom Patrol Go! theme was amazing.
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