Black Lightning: The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin
March 5, 2019 6:22 PM - Season 2, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Looking for answers, a worried Anissa sets out to find Grace.
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Anissa's pursuit of Grace really wigs me out. I'm hoping she gets called out a lot harder on it, but I'm concerned by how that shook out this episode.
posted by mordax at 7:25 PM on March 5, 2019 [2 favorites]

I really thought we were done with Lala, but this crazy doctor that... cloned(?) him is interesting.

Not much else to say about this episode except the Grace stuff was kind of a let down, even though the fight was kind of cool.
posted by numaner at 9:59 AM on March 6, 2019 [1 favorite]

I could NOT look during that "two months ago" medical scene involving...chunks. GROSS.

Kinda awkward having a moonwalk go on in this episode now.

Felt sorry for the Pierces being watched at the dinner table.

I do not find Lala particularly fascinating, but I am kinda like "You had a badass name like Latavius and you want to sound like a Teletubby instead?"
posted by jenfullmoon at 10:29 AM on March 9, 2019 [1 favorite]

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