Everything is Alive: Emmy, Pregnancy Test
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Emmy is just trying to stay positive.

EiA has been a bit hit-and-miss with its episodes, but this one, for me, it’s on par with last year’s stand-out, Maeve, Lampost. Beautifully subtle performance, in the title rôle, by Emily Blotnik.

Does anyone know who writes these characters?
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This was great. The phone call was a bit random, but still great fun.

The yes/no question thing was incredibly weird and made me ask, "what the hell is going on" as a listener. As far as I can tell, that's a sure sign that one is making truly innovative radio. I'm guessing that in 30 years the people who make this show are going to have to take down awards in order to hang up new awards in their office.

The disclaimer at the beginning was pretty silly though. Grow the fuck up, NPR-affiliated-podcasts. My grandmother would have been embarrassed by your propriety.
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