Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Golden Child
March 7, 2019 6:52 PM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Jake helps Amy navigate the complicated relationship she has with her brother, David. Charles introduces some drama into an undercover mission involving Terry and Holt.
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I agree with the reviewer here on this one: I LOVE me some LMM and I loved Amy's joy at his "drug arrest" and her brief "wait, you felt pressure too?" and Jake in general during this and the selfie-ing. But at the same time I felt bad for her at the end.

" Amy and David’s relationship isn’t framed by a perceived Santiago family favoritism, it’s an actual favoritism. And that ends up being part of why Amy’s reconciliation with David feels so hollow. The fact that David ultimately does end up being “perfect”—even though Amy gets one win as “The Golden Girl”—and their mother continues to reinforce that and the idea of ranking her children is a frustrating end to this story. The moral victory is supposed to be Amy simply accepting the status quo and not trying to compete "

So yeah, I wanted a different ending to that than "David is just perfect and there is nothing you can do about it." Even though I suppose that is true IRL. Perfect gonna be perfect and there isn't anything you can do about it but accept that you're going to be the loser on the piano compared to Mr. Perfect and you'll never win.

I...wasn't that interested in detective theater in the other half of the show, mostly because I was so concerned with the David plot. That said, Rosa's surprise star turn at the end and that voice she did was great.

Alan Sepinwall review.
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I missed last night's episode because I was out watching Captain Marvel, but can't wait to catch up with it tonight.

Also, I missed it last week, but Andre Braugher is finally on Twitter. And also Instagram, if that's how you roll.
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Sometimes, people don’t change. Families stay kinda fucked up. Amy made her peace with that, which was nice to see. Because, sometimes, that’s the only healthy thing to do.
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Fumero's sad-yet-ecstatic "Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo" was so amazing I had to rewatch it like four times in a row.
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I was watching while doing dishes so I couldn't see everything but did LMM manage to sneak a "great job" gesture into the dance off?
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Yeah, it was sad that David remains perfect and Mrs Santiago learns nothing. But it was nice David added "praising Amy to their mother" to his list of skills. And that Jake fired up in her defence even though it makes things awkward for them both going forward. Sometimes that's the best you can get from weird family crap.

It was nice to see Boyle showing his competence again, not just his quirks. It's always what I've liked about the show, that no matter what personal issues they all have, they're all really good at detectiving.
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How many takes were there of the dance off where the dancing was too good to be used?
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I'm so sad his account isn't @526796d6e6420686f6c74 would have been awesome.
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The resident teenager cringed at this bit of stunt casting and was prepared for scenery chewing, but we were both pleased that LMM played it straight. We also agreed that Amy encouraging David to take a shot was a subtle wink to Hamilton and that anything more would have been too much, and of course, that Rosa is a goddess who deserves her own show. "I'm constantly acting, you know nothing of my personal life."
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The B plot was SO FUNNY this week. Rosa is amazing, and Holt is very back on form this season:

"I had to act out Elvis Presley. He's dead now, so I played him as such. Everyone understood -- immediately."
"I was bad from a young age. At school, I pushed people. And this wasn't horseplay, this was was...pushing to hurt."
"And you should see her heavy, feminine breasts with her perfectly placed nipples. Don't get me started on her can."
"Yes, I gave myself a Dickensian backstory which apparently made quite the impression."
"I pushed a man, just to see him fall."
"Believe me, they're perfect. They're about 5 1/2 pounds each and they look so good smushed together. Or dangling."

I also loved the cold open. I could do wacky send-ups of melodrama all day long; it's kind of surprising how rare that happens on 99.
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I also loved "You obviously a cop too, you keep talking about how nefarious you are!"
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