Arrow: Training Day
March 11, 2019 8:27 PM - Season 7, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Team Arrow attempts to work with the Star City Police Department but much to Oliver's frustration, things don't go as planned. Meanwhile, Dinah gets some life-changing news.
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Dinah did not owe Oliver and Felicity and Rene an apology, not at all. Team Arrow, and Oliver in particular, were the ones being entitled whiny babies. They wanted legitimacy, well that comes with rules and restrictions. Tough cookies if you don't like that.

I will say, however, that Dinah looked absolutely silly in her mask, especially in contrast to bare-faced Oliver. I realize that it's not really public knowledge that the Star City police captain is the Black Canary, but it just struck me as so odd visually.

Felicity really needed to listen to those lessons about what is legal and what isn't. I don't care if the cops had Midas' DNA on file, somehow I doubt tracking him across the city via DNA is a tested and court=approved procedure.

Fashion-wise I loved Dinah's wine-colored coat and hated Laurel's too short pants. That length, especially paired with those heels make her look like a little girl that has outgrown her clothes.
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I also thought Oliver did a very quick heel-turn between going along with the SCPD and then wanting to have Team Arrow do their own thing after just one bad mission, where they didn't follow protocol.

Also, why couldn't Felicity just bring her high end stuff to SCPD and teach them how to use it? Police department could always use better tech. It's not like the Queens can't afford it; it would just be a donation.

So I guess I should've figured it was Emiko that "killed" Diaz, since there was that scene with her and Dante like immediately before. I hope it also comes out that Dante killed her mom, if that's still a real story, and then she finally gets her justice, whatever that means, and then join team Arrow. We need another woman on the team.
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The "Team Arrow is an awkward fit for the SCPD" storyline felt like it was intended to play out over several episodes but they realized it was too late in the season to tell it properly, and the whole "Mayor Pollard is against vigilantes for reasons" plot had no endgame, so they cut their losses and condensed everything into one episode.

I also like how the show has completely forgotten that Oliver was formerly the mayor, with Rene as one of his top aides.
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I just wanted to roll my eyes so hard at Team Arrow being whiny babies and being all, "We just wanna be vigilantes, man!" Suck it up, be adults, and pretend to be cops already so you can do what you love without going to jail.
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I also like how the show has completely forgotten that Oliver was formerly the mayor, with Rene as one of his top aides.

I uh.. also kinda forgot that
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Oliver being the mayor was clearly a dream, and I refuse to discuss your dreams in the daylight.
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