America's Next Top Model: The Guy Who Parties Too Hard
November 8, 2014 3:52 AM - Season 21, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Or, The Model Who Was Deliberately Set Up To Fail. Slightly spoilerish below the fold, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Damn, I'm pissed off. I think that the photoshoot this week was engineered so that one particular model was told to get into poses that deliberately exaggerated the very things that the client was unhappy about in the way the brand was portrayed.

And much as I dislike Chantelle, I think she's right to be annoyed at Yu Tsai for calling her 'panda'. That's really borderline abusive. He wouldn't (I hope) describe any other model by the colour of their skin. But from next week's preview, it looks as if that conversation doesn't go well for her.

Adam needs an intervention. How is he still there? He's shorter than most of the women in the competition.
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I agree that Raellia was set up to fail on this one. I think there may have been an element of racism, too, from the client. Not sure she could overcome that or the whole "brand mismatch".

I also agree that Yu Tsai is way over the line with the "panda" nickname. I can't believe Tyra allowed it. I still miss Mr. Jay; he would never be so crass.

Adam is cute but really not model material. You think Tyra would have killed him for being drunk at a client shoot!
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I think Adam should've been kicked off for drinking through his work. Then we could've kept Chantelle and Raellia. How on earth was she supposed to not look sexy with that plunging neckline and crawling on the ground? If she could have posed the way the other women did, we could've had a much better sense of her here. I don't really know Chantelle (I only started watching this show midseason, when I saw the Fanfare coverage) but it seems incredibly hard to open up to people who call her derogatory names. She's trying to very diplomatic, saying that Yu Tsai meant it better than her classmates as a child, but it's pretty clearly hurtful.

It was interesting to see Keith do the face that Tyra wants him to be able to produce every time. I'm still fascinated by this ability to control expressions and small muscles -- it almost seems like bellydancer kind of control. I'm impressed by models' abilities to have their bodies look just so (and know how they look).
posted by Margalo Epps at 9:10 PM on November 8, 2014

This was one of the better episodes, but I was not too happy with the outcome. Adam should have definitely been sent home. His photo wasn't even that great, he did awful in the challenge.
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