Project Runway: The Future is Here
March 22, 2019 3:57 PM - Season 17, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The designers work in teams of three to create mini collections that highlight a specific A. Human Body Modification
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Do you ever just watch someone and think, "it must have been so exhausting to be their parents?"
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Also I want a back mod now.
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Exactly, right, tofu_crouton, with your first comment.

There are people I just couldn't work with, and a whole bunch of them have been featured on this show. I hope that as the season goes along, they get turfed. As annoying as it is to simply watch these people (and the way they've been edited), I have so much sympathy for the other designers who have to live with and work with them.

Also, I've seen enough of those people. I want to get to know some of the other contestants much better. Just because they aren't crying about their mothers or about their own bad fabric choices or their own self-doubts doesn't mean they aren't worthy of attention. Yes, I know this is reality TV and drama is supposedly what sells it, but I've always been more interested in watching competence than overwrought emotional angst.

I think last episode I was critical of Christian not really offering any help and just delivering generic advice. I was so happy to see him snarking a bit and snapping at the designers and telling them to get their acts together. I get the feeling this group will really need that in the next few weeks, even though they're supposed to be so much more experienced and professional than past groups.
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Have not caught this recently, does it work at all sans Tim Gunn?
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It's a different dynamic. Christian still seems to be growing into his role.He's there more than Tim is--he shows up at Mood, for example. As I said above, he seems to be evolving in how he acts as a mentor. Only time will tell how successful he's going to be.

My biggest criticism about him at this point, however is that he needs new glasses. The ones he has now sit too low on his nose, so you can't see his eyes. He must realize this because he often has to tilt his head back, and the whole thing is just awkward to watch.

Honestly, I'm missing Heidi more than I'm missing Tim. Karlie is seems to be lacking in something (spark or personality or something else undefinable) at this point.
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I don't know people's names yet (except Hester fucking Sunshine, who needs to be auf'd in the next few weeks), so excuse me using just descriptions.

The guy from Samoa totally took me by surprise with his look this week. It was exquisite. But his team-mate completely deserved the win, not just for his own stunningly original outfit but because he also made 75% of the third designer's outfit in their team. She made it clear from the start that she didn't give a shit because she had immunity from last week's win.

I liked the dress made by the older woman designer with the long grey hair on the team that used all nude colours. It was chiffony with some sparkly detail and was really pretty.

The losing team's designs were horrendous. Those gorgeous chest feathers, and not one of them did a plunging v-neck to show them off. All three of them could have gone home, and I think Frankie was unlucky to go based on that outfit compared with the Indian guy's. If she hadn't been in the bottom last week too, I think she'd have been safe. But we're still at the stage where there are so many designers that two weeks' failure -v- someone the judges haven't seen enough of yet is enough to get you sent home.
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Hester could not possible be more annoying. All that tulle she insisted they buy that she didn't use and couldn't afford. And the whining. Ugh. But the episode was rescued by Sebastian's gorgeous dress and shirt and that adorable bag he made in minutes. His work was fabulous.
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I appreciated that Frankie knew she deserved to go home and seemed at peace with it. In the end, she was really emotionally mature about the support and love she got from her fellow contestants.

Hester's gotta go soon, right? She's a mess and has melted down twice now. Her staying in for these two episodes was dumb luck.

Tessa's bossiness was REAL off-putting and pretty shitty. I'm glad that she acknowledged Sebastian's work, but it was the least she could do after nearly derailing the thing.

I hope that the runners-up for best design eventually get to hear the wonderful, thoughtful comments from the final deliberations. Afa's design this week and Renee's last week were SO goddamn exceptional and were so close to winning.
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OH, and not only with the bossiness, but Tessa being so high and mighty about her own design this week! "I wish I didn't have to waste immunity because mine was so gooood." Uh, the styling was off (the judges shouldn't have to push up the sleeves to make the neckline draping lay right, doesn't she know how to work her own top?) and the really good part was the skirt that she basically ordered Sebastian to made for her. PUHLEEASE.
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I hope Hester gets her act together. Her personal style alternates between interesting and exhausting but she has a distinct point of view and stands out from the mass of designers we haven't "met" yet. So far her efforts have been disappointing and the fact that she's bought the wrong material twice probably signals that she's not long for this competition, usually the producers aren't this obvious.
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She made it clear from the start that she didn't give a shit because she had immunity from last week's win.

Initially I thought that, too. How rude to take up her teammate's time, and boss people around! But you know what, the whole team came out with well-made, interesting looks. (Hers was SO MUCH better with the sleeves pushed up at the end with just the judges). AND, she acknowledged that her teammate patterned her skirt. And he won, which was great!

I think she was edited to seem bitchy and careless, but the end result does not match up with that version of her. imo.

Hester though, yikes. This whole business with INSISTING on the tulle, then taking 6 or 8 yards of fabric someone else gave up so she would calm down - at which point she cut it up into useless bits and then decided not to freaking use it. WOW. It did not even seem to occur to her what a completely dick move that was, with her offhand apology. UGH. NO.
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