Siren: Season Two, First Half (Ep 1-8)
March 22, 2019 10:56 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Things in Bristol Cove only become more complicated.

I dunno who else has been following this, but I had to put up something because that was crazy.
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Me! I am so happy we got actual Ben/Ryn/Maddie. The underwater scenes in the end of the last episode were really difficult to make out on my tv what with the darkness, so I couldn’t tell who was killed or injured. I hope Sarge is ok, I’m shipping him and Helen. I assume Zander and Calvin will be ok despite the fire, I can’t see show killling them off so abruptly.
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Then I'm in good company. :)

I agree with pretty much everything you said: I ended up rewinding the final action sequence to be sure of what went on. It looks like Sarge got in the way of the line to protect the rest of the group, and was thus the only one injured. I think he might live because they were helping him get away. I could see Calvin dying in the fire - I felt like his arm getting caught in the line earlier in the episode was a tease or maybe foreshadowing - but Xander's plot isn't over yet.

The other thing I really appreciated this season was the approach to consent: I was impressed by Ben and Levi's discussion of it, and the way they approached the whole threesome/poly angle with Ryn. (This is a pretty thoughtful show, for a silly drama about killer mermaids.)

I'm wondering if the whole premise is about to get blown up or turned on its head though: while they prevented the town from seeing the camera, nobody stopped the actual filming as far as I could tell. So now an oil company probably knows about mermaids with blowtorches?
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