Better Things Season 3?
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Anyone up for a thread covering season 3 of Better Things?

As with season 2, Pamela Adlon is directing the entire season and, so far, it's shaping-up to be the show's strongest season yet. This is also the first LouisCK-free season and it's so much better for it. If you aren't watching, you're missing some really excellent tv.

The show has also been renewed for a 4th season.
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I liked S1 and S2 a LOT - but it was tiring for me and doing active harm to my mental health. Similar with 'Fleabag' and 'Sharp Objects' for the later.

"Her kids" stuff - less/ same/ more/ different?

When 'Louis' was on, I had a very similar antipathy to the 'raising children as a dumbass on purpose' which didn't sit well. Which is different from 'raising children as flawed/ normal/ trying-to-do-it-right-and-not-listening-to-crazy-scammer-types.'

Fuck Facebook and the social ecosystems that it facilitates.
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