How do we want to handle the short stories?
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We're discussion the short stories next week - what should that look like? Multiple posts? What should we cover?

So there's three types of shorts that we're talking about:

1. The Home Crowd Advantage and three 'Moments', available on Aaronovitch's website.

2. A Rare Book of Cunning Device, which is available only on audible.

3. The Waterstones short stories, which are found in Waterstones special editions.

I was thinking of covering 1 and 2, but not covering 3, since it seems like more people who are participating in the discussions have (legal) access to those than the Waterstones shorts, but I also don't have an issue with adding them to the discussion. Another option would be to have separate posts for each of the types of short stories, or group 1 and 2 together, and then have another one for 3.

(also, I can totally be missing a group that we can discuss)
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I vote for covering the two, and while I wouldn't insist on covering the third, I guess I wouldn't object to it. I think I've read some of the Waterstones shorts via the "somebody typed them out on Tumblr" method, which other people may not be comfortable doing.
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Yeah, I'm generally for people paying for work (or borrowing said work), but I have a lot less of a problem with people enjoying things that they can't purchase because of their region.

I'm more uncomfortable about having a list of links on Metafilter to places where people have typed up the waterstones stories, but maybe a second post with the waterstones shorts, a list of them, and then just not ask how people are reading them?
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