Happy!: Blitzkreig!!!
April 17, 2019 11:03 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Mer and Sax track down Dayglo Doug, who reveals some of Shine's mysterious origins. Amanda is counseled to "follow her bliss" by her new friend Simon. Smoothie asks Hailey to be friends.

Mer and Sax interview Dayglo Doug (Curtis Armstrong) at a nursing home about his relationship with Shine-a fan who apparently never out grew his love of children's tv. Doug hints at the source of Sonny's power is The Wishees, which communicate with him telepathically. However, the interview is cut short by Sax discovering that the nursing home is for (and run by) nazis. Sax murders patients and staff alike before he and Mer escape with Doug.

Shine is planning an odd Easter special (with Tony Danza!)

The entity within Blue, Orcus, identifies itself as a demigod and reveals that he plots to take over Blue's consciousness among other things. Amanda's new friend Simon counsels her to "follow her bliss" resulting in some wild, but irresponsible behavior.

Hailey is approached by Smoothie, who claims he wants to be her friend and empathizes with her about how adults lie. While she initially rejects Smoothie, when her mother lies to her about work, Hailey sadly considers Smoothie's offer of friendship.

Finally Nick accidentally ingests some of the Wishee's blood that Amanda stored in the fridge. The results are explosive.
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So if the last episode was bonkers, this one was just straight up bananas. I think they're just going full throttle on the crazy for just the hell of it. The over the top violence against the nazis were both cathartic and hilarious. And that bathroom scene... * chef's kiss *

I'm glad there's still character moments that they don't skip out on, like Hailey's interactions with her Smoothie and her mom.
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I loved the Nazi stomping !

"Sax, stop killing people!
Ah, com on, Mer! They're Nazis!"
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Happy! is outer space graphic TV. This is an award winning episode in my book. Equal parts terrifying and hilarious.

Is the creature inside Blue the polar opposite of whatever Happy is?
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Orcus identifies himself as a demi-god. There is an Orcus in Roman mythology and considering what he says about himself, it's a fair bet it's THAT Orcus. (He does, after all, come from Italy and is embodied by a long line of members from an Italian family.) It's actually from Orcus that we get the fantasy term "orcs."

Happy! is an imaginary friend and we still don't know what the Wishees are, although they clearly also have some kind of power. It seems they are similar kinds of beings but with different powers. Happy hasn't possessed anyone, whereas Orcus seems to exclusively exist within his host's body. And what's going on with the wishees is anyone's guess.
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I feel like Happy is called an imaginary friend because we can't quantify his existence; he's as real as you or me. This show is going to very bizarre places on a cosmic level. I'm worried that Orcus will deliberately try to destroy Happy.
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Happy refers to himself as an imaginary friend. Sax remarks in s1 that he's a "manifestation" but it's never clarified of what nature. He exists, but it seems like only two people who can see him 1 his designated friend 2 insane/drugged people. Happy is surprised when other people see him (Meth Santa and Bebe).

Imaginary friends do seem able to be killed. Blue's son's imaginary friend, for example, kills OTHER imaginary friends, but only those that are already weakened by being abandoned by their designated friend.

Orcus doesn't seem concerned with Happy. He seems concerned, at the moment, with influencing others around him in jail. To what end? That is unclear.

So Happy and Orcus and the Wishees are all real, but different types of entities.
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It was obvious last season, but now it's difficult to say who can and cannot see Happy. He interacted with Mer briefly in S2E1. He's a legit superhero and is growing in power. I think Orcus, the Wishies, and Happy are all connected somehow. All three are growing in power, but only a human can save the humans, and the human with the most potential for success is...Sax.
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Which is a terrifying thought.
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