Special: Special!
April 18, 2019 5:26 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A young gay man with cerebral palsy branches out from his insular existence in hopes of finally going after the life he wants.
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I loved this. I don't have anything too insightful to say about it but it brought me JOY.
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I just zipped through the season on Netflix, and, yeah, this was good.

Brutal title for trying to web-search for articles, but there are a bunch of articles & interviews linked at writer/creator/star Ryan O'Connell's twitter:

YouTube - Meet The Team Behind Netflix's "Special"

Bitch Media - Finally, There's a Comedy Where Disability Isn't the Punch Line
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Yeah I thought this show was great.
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I read an interview with him (in the NYT, I believe) the day before it came out and was so excited! The day it came out, I watched the whole show in one sitting. Yes, I know that binge-watching is a thing, but this was the first show I've ever watched like that.

It made me understand in a very visceral way the power of seeing someone "like you" depicted on screen (in quotes because I do not have CP and was not hit by a car.)

It's been really cool to see the publicity he's gotten for this. I see him popping up everywhere. I hope that translates into awareness for the show and continued professional success for him. (Financial success, too, because I read in one interview where he was pretty plain about how people can see you have a Netflix show and think you "made it" and, yeah, sure, it's a level of success. But it's not like they back up the Brinks truck. Another relatable aspect.)

Anyway, I wrote him a message on Instagram to thank him for those two hours of my life and tell him what a fan I am of the show. So now we just sit back and wait for him to reply right?! Right!? (I'm kidding.)
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I really enjoyed this too!

I found the first episode a little bit too mean/sharp for me, and quit watching it, but a friend (who's a queer person with CP) encouraged me to give it more of a try, and I'm glad I finished out the (very short) season. I hope there'll be more.
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