My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 456: Good Happy Taste!!!
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Keep your head on a swivel as we celebrate this birthday season, because there's a LOT OF STUFF out to get us. Fridge traps, Cager the Basketball Monster, Minecraft Spiders — just, like, look lively, friends. Suggested talking points: Creams and Cakes, Birthday Boy Billy, Guinea Pig Brother, Fridge Epidemic, Disrespectful Hoops, Happy Taste Good, Joe's Apartment But With Spiders, Boo Club
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The idea of Munch Squad ending fills me with sorrow.
posted by meese at 11:03 AM on April 23, 2019

"I'm just a guy, in a ghost costume, standing before a group of people whose opinions I don't respect, asking if y'all wanna transform this into a Boo Club, because if not I am gonezo."
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i'm sure if munch squad "ends" it'll still be pulled out at live shows, like haunted doll watch is. i definitely think the bit is getting kind of stale, and the thing i enjoy most about it is the theme music anyway and i'm sure he'll find some new way to interrupt griffin with a new bit soon haha
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(though i thought this week's munch squad was phenomenal and would be okay with less munch squad if they were all as ridiculous as "Happy Taste Good" is)
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To me, Munch Squad would be fresh as long as there are ridiculous garbage food PR stunts, which in this country would be in perpetuity, but if they say it's getting tired, I trust them.

Cager is even funnier-looking than I thought he would be. I thought they were describing a big cloaked dude. The "Washington Generals" was the name of my K-12 school's team, and yet no one ever mentioned these guys (which, why would you, I guess).
posted by Countess Elena at 6:31 PM on April 23, 2019

Wow this episode went some places and I loved it.
I was happy to hear that munch Squad might be ending. I don't dislike it but I like it more when they just answer questions and talk to each other. I tend to dislike podcasts where someone is reading from something they prepared (even though Justin's reading voice is much less annoying than most, it's still a reading voice). I feel like it used to not be every week and that was fine; like you don't have to kill it but just space them out.
posted by bleep at 6:58 PM on April 23, 2019

Also during the whole Globe Trotters bit I was like damn if they didn't name the episode after this there must be something crazy coming up and there was. But I dunno not as crazy as the word journey that Griffin took us on with the basketball baby.
posted by bleep at 7:00 PM on April 23, 2019

Yeah I was picturing Cager being a cartoon character and not somebody's nephew after they gave him $15 to make a Mankind costume.
posted by Navelgazer at 5:17 AM on April 24, 2019

What Adventure Zone character did Griffin kind-of sound like when he was doing the "cakes and creams" bit? It was very familiar to me but I couldn't place it, so I'm thinking it was a TAZ NPC.
posted by Rock Steady at 11:37 AM on April 24, 2019

Haha yes I thought it sounded like his NPC voice, not like anyone in particular though maybe a bit like Magic Brian but without the german.
posted by bleep at 1:24 PM on April 24, 2019

It reminded me of Winthrop and Muffy, but younger.
posted by meese at 3:52 PM on April 24, 2019

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