I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson: Season 1
April 24, 2019 1:35 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Six fifteen-minute episodes of comic sketches from SNL alumnus and Detroiters creator Tim Robinson. Guest stars include Andy Samberg, Steven Yeun, Will Forte, Sam Richardson, Kate Berlant, Patti Harrison and Fred Willard.
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Hah, that's what that guy's name is!
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Watched this last night. I loved Detroiters. I expected a different format but it really delivered. 100% recommended. If you haven't seen Tim Robinson's epidode of The Characters, it feels very much like that episode.
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All of these sketches deftly conceal very incisive examinations of human nature in the 2010s. (Except maybe the one with the Harley dude.)

The fact that so many of the sketches are intimately intertwined with feces and pornography is merely a reflection of contemporary North American society. (Except maybe for the one with the toilet swap.)
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I've always wanted more stuff like Z-Shirt, and that's pretty much what this is, so A+.
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We watched the entire season last night, I haven't laughed that hard in so long. Just started giggling to myself thinking about the skeleton song. I hope there are more episodes in the works!
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I'm Banjo's husband - we're watching it again tonight.
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I've been watching Fred Willard since 1977, and New Joe was the most full-on bonkers thing I've ever seen him do. I was helpless with laughter before even recognizing him.
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Just started giggling to myself thinking about the skeleton song

I saw this episode at a party and we watched this sketch literally seven times in a row. Everyone was roaring with laughter the whole time.
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4th night in a row.
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For the Skeleton Song, is the lyric "Their bones are their money" or "The bones are their money"?
(and also the worms)
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Is that Clifton Davis as the...parson...at the funeral? The credit isn't on IMDB but that's 99% of an imposter if not. I really liked the cameos throughout, Will Forte, Willard and at least a couple others than Davis that I can't think of at my computer. The old guy who likes cars whose steering wheels don't fly off looked familar. Did you know Clifton Davis wrote "I Never Can Say Goodbye?"

In the first episode, I thought it was pretty good, then the birthday gift sketch almost made me skip to the next episode (I have terrible vicarious embarrassment), but once it clicked what the premise was I was hooked for the rest.
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For the Skeleton Song, is the lyric "Their bones are their money" or "The bones are their money"?
(and also the worms)

I remember "Worms are their money. The bones are their dollars." (But it's possible he also sings "Their bones are their money" as well.)
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The church bells they were ringing
The clouds were low and brown
The horses they were neighing
The day Robert Palens shot me down

He rode into town on a jet-black mare
Spat and hitched her to a tree
He made his way to the town saloon
The day Robert Palens murdered me

It was also the night that the skeletons came to life

They came from under the ground
And from all over

Palens grabbed the preacher's daughter
He [aimed] to shoot her at my crown
He cocked that crooked hammer back
And he brought that hammer down


The bones are the skeleton's money
In our world bones equal dollars
That's why they're coming out tonight
To get their bones from you

The skeletons'll pull your hair
Up, but not out
All they want is another chance at life
They've never seen so much food as this

Underground doesn't have as much food as this
And the worms are their money
The bones are their dollars
And the-

The bullet ripped inside my chest
The clouds, they did storm
My sweet Marie, she cried for me
And then I was no more

And it was also the night that the skeletons came to life

The bones are their money
So are the worms
They pull your hair up but not out
To turn into a man and have another chance at life

But if they pull it out they turn to bones

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Thank you! Glad to have confirmation before I start in on something.
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Pulling the proof of the something I started - Instagram video.
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The version I made for my wife is here.
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I loved this. All of the sketches have a similar structure, but when they really hit their stride it's all about giving you a typical sketch show premise and then running with it in weird directions. One example is the weird eastern European guy "ruining" the focus group only to have him then convince everyone (even the facilitator!) to his weird way of thinking.
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I saw a person leaving a job interview at a Panera today and as they approached the exit I got so fucking tense.

Spoiler: They navigated the door without incident.
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this show is the best. seriously thought the song that ended episode 4 was a real katy perry album cut

also save DETROITERS
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Hand carved version.
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