Sleepy Hollow: Heartless
November 10, 2014 8:20 PM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The Real Housewives of Sleepy Hollow, What to Expect When You're Expecting Your New Demonic Baby, there's nothing like a good poultice, and gee, the club scene in this town is kinda rough.
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This show is such a tease. Finally they give me the Katrina I'd been asking for for weeks...for one episode! And then the writers are like, "nope, she's going back to the House Of Slow-Building Plotlines". Even after the characters themselves recognize and point out how much better off they all are working together as a team. *sigh*
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Katherine's big moment was reciting the spell and destroying the heart and she couldn't even get that right, Abbie had to take over in the end. Its like the writers can't even commit to making Katherine viable, so why should the viewers?

I loved pretty much every facial expression Abbie made this episode and everything Ichabod said. I am still giggling over him saying "macking".

Next week we get a big dose of Jenny and that is something to look forward to indeed.
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It's clear that nobody in the writer's room has thought about how magic functions in this world. It looks like Katrina is a powerful witch only because she knows what book to find the spell in, not because she has any inborn supernatural skill or long-honed command of magic. They should be more clear about the whole "Witnesses can do witchy stuff as well" business if they mean it as a plot point...although it's a plot point which makes Katrina even less important if anything she can do, Abby can also do. Her entire character has been so botched, it's crazy. They simultaneously say she's powerful and then undercut her at every turn. Plus, the actress has more chemistry with Abby than with her husband. All the cuddling in bed watching The Bachelor didn't give me the warm fuzzies about them, and I'm pretty sure it was supposed to.
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This episode felt a whole lot like filler to me, save for the last five minutes or so. It also feels a lot like the writers have fallen into a "Henry's evil plan of the week" mode.
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At what point in this season will we see the shows written after we all started complaining about the lack of Jenny and Irving? I do not want love triangles or romantic entanglements in this show (though I will be happy if Abbie & Crane end up together at the end) because I have that in every other show I watch. I don't want Abbie to become the Olivia Pope/Helen of Troy/everyone wants her female lead.* Keep Hawley and make him Ichabod's drinking buddy.

I miss scary Headless Horseman. I don't like whiny, besotted, powerless Horseman. I don't like Henry as demonic Mr. Wizard. And I don't like how worthless Katrina is.

Katrina, you gave up your actual human child - don't crumble for the demon child that was inside you for only a few weeks, tops, and ruin everything. (She's totally going to protect the demon child and ruin everything.)

*On Scandal this week, Olivia Pope was told "You're beautiful! Like Helen of Troy! Everyone wants you!" and it was cringe-inducing.
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With all the added "human-interest" plotlines of Hawley and Katrina and Henry's soul, I'm about ready to give up on the show. I would be interested in supercuts of Crane scoffing at the modern world and Abbie scoffing at Crane's scoffing. That's all I really want.
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I don't know, I really liked this episode. I even tolerated Hawley!
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Ichabod has more chemistry with Hawley then he does with his wife.
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I do think this was Hawley's best episode so far.

I did notice the Ichabod/Hawley chemistry, as well as the Abby/Katrina chemistry, and can't help but wonder if that was the writers' intention. They deliberately paired them off that way, after all.
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It's very obvious Katrina is going to turn. She has to if the shippers are going to be able to get Ichabod and Abbie macking. So we get closer to her, because she's important and being close to her will make it hurt more, but never too close because she is going to end up in the Henry and Abraham corner in the big showdown.

Abbie had to finish the spell Katrina was distracted from. Witnesses have big-time witching mojo but they're n00bs with no training.


Overall C+ monster of the week, A performances from the top cast, long plot arc still on snooze, alarm set for next week's episode.
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