Peter Grant Waterstones Edition Short Stories
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For the short stories that appear in the Waterstones Editions of the Peter Grant Novels

The Domestic - appears in Whispers Under Ground, about a domestic disturbance that happens when an old woman is alone.

The Cockpit - appears in Broken Homes, about a possible poltergeist in Waterstones.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Granny - Appears in Foxglove Summer. At a late night stop at Chieveley Services on the M4, Peter tries to help with a broken Mercedes and realises that its microchips have been destroyed by magic.

King of the Rats - Appears in The Hanging Tree, about a man who thinks he's a rat.

Favourite Uncle - Appears in Lies Sleeping. Abigail investigates on her own.
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Sorry, meant to post yesterday morning and ran out of time.
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I’ve tracked down about half of these, and they are all pretty slight. Which is, you know, unsurprising as they can’t contain anything really significant or connected to other things because of their relatively limited access. The Abigail one is probably the best and most complete, because it’s nice to get time with her where she’s not being overshadowed by Peter or Nightingale, and the story can just be about her isolated experience. The story kind of raises more questions than it answers, however.
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