24: Live Another Day: Day 9: 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
June 3, 2014 8:58 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

We learn about what Jack's been up to since the end of Day 8. MI5 gets involved in the operations.
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I enjoyed watching this, but boy the 24 formula is shopworn. Having MI5 show up was deus ex machina of the worst sort, and the big reveal at the end with yet another mole inside CTU the CIA is just ridiculous. Next week on 24: Kim gets eaten by an English mountain lion.

The bright spot in the show is definitely cybergoth Chloe, it's fun to see her so empowered and ass-kicking yet still weirdly whiny and passive. I also like Kate, particularly the actress, I like to pretend she's Ann Coulter in a new career. Are they setting this up so there will be another season of 24 with Yvonne Strahovski taking over for Kiefer Sutherland?
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Just for the record, there is no way to trigger a grenade that fast.
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Re the "Metzger" ruse: I'm curious as to what kind of "bank" — whether that be a legitimate bank or some shady underworld bank-like institution — has one and only one person you have to go through to open an account, yet is serious enough to have an online presence?

That strains credulity, um... slightly more than 24 usually strains one's credulity.
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The same 'you must know so and so' questioning-the-undercover-operative-returning-to-the-criminal-gang bit was also used in the previous season (which I'm binge-watching online to catch up on the back story I missed having not watched 24 since season 1). I'm wondering if this is part of the 24 formula.
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It was great to see Kate get herself out of trouble in this episode. I agree she could be being set up to be the next Jack. Particularly since she now earned her torture chops and a scar or two.

I hope this doesn't count as a spoiler but her work with the hypodermic was a nice call back to another great Yvonne Strahovski moment in the Dexter finale. Possibly the only great moment in the Dexter finale.
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Speaking of, the look that Jack gives her when she just sticks the hypodermic in her neck was wonderful.

I couldn't tell if it was "I never thought I'd look at a woman this way after Teri died" or "You are the daughter I always wish Kim could be" but it was definitely some kind of special kind of Bauer love.

Kate's escape from the torture almost made up for the fact that I could never see somebody brutally tortured on this show and it would be too soon. My love/hate relationship with that kind of action on the show almost feels like its own piece of the 24 formula by this point.

The "Best Use of a Stereotypical Local Mode of Transport in Overseas Filming for an American Program - Drama" Award goes to 24 for the double-decker bus smashing into Simone. That's the ridiculous 24 I never have a problem seeing.
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OK, I haven't been watching this, but the comments here mean I'm going to have to catch up. I need some over the top strangeness.
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I was really hoping Naveed's sister wouldn't have to die but I guess that was naive.
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Man, I'd been so busy assuming that Kate would later be revealed to some sort of double agent that Benjamin Bratt wasn't even on my radar. I should have known better!

Her torture scene reminded me that female characters usually serve as torture fodder on this show. I wouldn't miss it if that were the last torture scene we saw for a while.
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Well, I suppose Simone could have been run over by one of those stereotypical local black cabs, but it wouldn't have been as visually satisfying.

And by these times, pretty much everything action-related is part of the 24 formula. They have been around so long that I doubt there's any action-hero story trope they haven't used and abused at least once. Jeez, if someone doesn't kidnap Audrey before this is over I'm going to be pretty astonished. The Bauerverse is like, fractal, man.
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I just... I don't understand how her arms don't pull out of the sockets when she's hoisted on that hook by the handcuffs?
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I was wondering about the anatomical reality too. It's really quite a striking image, her hanging that way. But I was totally distracted trying to figure out her center of mass, also how they set that shot up.
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It looks like there's a rope going from the hook to some kind of buckle in her middle back? If I'm not seeing things wrong perhaps the buckle is for a harness around her upper body, so that takes her weight.
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There's definitely support in there for Yvonne; I presume they CGI'd it out for Kate.

That is an incredibly painful position to be in, but it won't dislocate your shoulders all by itself, much less rip your arms completely off. Twisting around in that position can do some serious permanent damage, depending on how much "bounce" the person can achieve and how generally heavy and strong they are.
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Yeah you can actually see a carabiner in that image I linked. in the angle between her left arm and back. Presumably a harness. Also the rope coming off the hook. Of course in video that all goes by far too quickly to notice.

I'm seriously uncomfortable with all the torture porn in 24, but I have to admit I also find it entertaining. Frankly this image reminded me of various kinds of erotic suspension in the BDSM community, only without the flesh hooks. Like I said, striking.
posted by Nelson at 4:06 PM on June 4, 2014

Oh, yes, I had no doubt that Yvonne was properly harnessed. As Nelson said, it was a striking image and I was trying to work out the mechanics of it for Agent Walker, I mean, Morgan.

(I seem unable to stop referring to the character as Sarah in my RL conversations. I miss Chuck.)
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I'm glad torture still bothers the hell out of me, and that I am not the only MeFi who wishes they'd quit it. Seeing a woman's finger(s) come off, not to mention Yvonne's great experience, made me wonder if I REALLY want to see this iteration of the show.
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+1 on the "Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her!" line. Classic 24.

Also classic, but in a worse way: Chloe saying, "Jack, the arms dealer didn't press Enter on the computer!" Come now, 24 - we all know that you feel you must inject as much tension into proceeding as possible, but that was too much.
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I feel like a more realistic issue would have been "Jack, the arms dealer can't find his online banking card reader! Do you have a spare one on you?".
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Oooh, there should be a Square product placement in 24! Maybe with cybergoth Chloe talking about how she can't hack their system. Would sure be a lot more relevant than the car commercials strung inside the show.
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"Damnit Chloe I need access to the HSBC account NOW! WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!"

"I can't do it Jack, the account is just too secure! To hack in I'd need two letters from his memorable word, his mother's maiden name, and his five-digit secure PIN! It's the latest in online banking security!"
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So is Karl Rove writing for them or is he plagiarizing his attacks on Hillary from this show?
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