Legends of Tomorrow: Egg MacGuffin
April 29, 2019 7:50 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

While Ray is worried about Nora, he is suddenly faced with his own problem that forces him to do the unthinkable. Nate and Zari are stuck in an awkward limbo, so Sara devises a plan to send them on an easy mission together. Meanwhile, Charlie helps Rory claim his nom de plume's speaking fee.
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That Gary's missing nipple has turned out to play a pivotal role in the storyline is just beyond delightful. The sight of it slithering demonically across the floor just about killed me.
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I loved this. I think my favorite bit was actually Rory coming out at the romance convention. (It was inevitable, but that didn't make it any less wonderful.)
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First, I love that Hawkeye Initiative camera-angle on Nate as he slithers through the tripwires! I'm always delighted when this show flips gender norms on their heads. (Although both Nate and Zari were idiots not to close the door behind them in the egg room. Who leaves the door open when you're in the middle of a heist, especially a door that was formerly closed?)

Now this is how I want to see movie tributes done. No, I don't want young George Lucas showing up. I think this is a much better way of handling the fact that pop culture has influence on everybody including (or especially) the Legends. I like Sara giving Zari the IDs and costumes of Marion and Henry Jr. I especially liked Zari and Nate realizing what was going on with the set-up and then playing right along with it because they realized that Sara was trying to do something nice and that they really wanted to take the opportunity for themselves to explore what they might have.

The other Indy touches, from Sara and Ava picking up the whip to Zari and Nate being tied back to back while facing Nazis to the very familiar in style music cues were the icing on the cake. And while Zari might not recognize Marion's name, she has at least a passing familiarity with Nate's favourite movie and seems to have seen the seduction/kissing scene. That was so sweet!

I know I said this last week, but Ray, Ray, Ray, you're a big dumb idiot. Why did you think science was going to fix this problem? Both the Time Bureau and the Waverider have containment options. You should have taken yourself directly to one, not diverting to pass Go or collect your $200.

You're absolutely right, oh yeah! I don't think anybody around here would have ever predicted that Gary's nipple would have ended up playing such an important role in the plot of this show. I mean, we really should know by now that nothing that ever starts off as a joke gets dropped or ignored by the writers. (Of course, now that's got me wondering about the romance author of the book club selection, and how she's going to get worked into the plot. Maybe as a future love interest for Rory?)

It was nice to see Mick and Charlie treat the con like a scam or a job--attending solely to pick up the $20,000 (although we didn't hear how they were going to split the take). Sure, we all knew that as soon as he ended up agreeing to go, things were likely to work out as they did, but the motivation to get the characters there was a solid one.

It was also satisfying to watch Ava accept Nora as an ally. Again, this is another thing we all knew was on the agenda, but it played out well. Plus, I do hope to see more of book club in the future.

I know I've complained about characters being shorted screen time in recent episodes, but this one seemed to find a nice sense of balance. Plus, we got some more quick Steel effects, so that was a nice bonus, although I don't think we'll be seeing the Atom suit for a while.
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Oh, I just noticed the nipple from Hell tag! Nice going, oh yeah! Somehow I hate to think of the non-Legends-related reasons why people would use a search that brings up that tag.
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omg that nipple! I was dumbstruck when he opened the box.

Poor Gary though, we all thought him being a doormat was just a running gag, but it was actually a plot device.

"Uh, hey, um, Containment Level bathroom is sort of my crying spot"
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Gary, no! Poor guy. Should have known something was up when he casually brought up that he had a whole crying-alone-in-the-bathroom routine (and was just ignored again).

Mona is so irritating, I'm sorry. I liked her OK at first, but she definitely should be a small doses kind of character. The chanting "where is the real Miss so-and-so?!" and then her eyes glowing like a monster was just ridiculous. Slow your roll, Mona.

Ray and Nate's bromance is wonderful. I love that Ray made the deal with the demon to stop from hurting Nate. Although Nate is made of steel, so I honestly wouldn't have expected some punches to be such a big deal. The idea of Ray of all people being possessed by a demon is also pretty interesting, he's such a sweetheart and he really cares about being a good person. And of course I wonder if this will be a bonding experience for him and Nora.

Charlie and Rory approaching the con as a con job until Rory couldn't take it anymore and had to come clean as an earnest writer/fan was my favorite storyline of the night. Rory's changed a lot over the series. He's open about caring about something more than money, for one.

I really like how batshit this show is and how they throw in really "small" storylines, like Sara trying and eventually finding a way to read the detective book for book club.

I'm not really feeling Zari and Nate's romance, because I'm still not feeling any chemistry. The actors are trying hard and I like both characters (though I don't really get the whole "nobody knows what I really think/feel" thing that Zari kept referencing. She doesn't seem any harder to read than any of the other characters? She was literally in a Bollywood number proclaiming her love like one episode ago, she's not really that enigmatic?). But the chemistry just isn't there, so eh.
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I second rue72 on Zari and Nate and the lack of chemistry. I think the "enigmatic" is because Zari hasn't really been jumping into relationships previously. She wasn't boinking her way around the timestream like say, Sara used to.

Best use of detached nipple EVER. I think Neron should possess Gary rather than Ray though. He seems like he has more potential what with being a buttmonkey and all.

I wouldn't have wanted to read that book club book either. I was gagging on the "drinking my matcha tea" type dialogue. As far as I can tell, nobody actually reads books for book clubs though.
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I too loved the Raiders references but did no one else get the Evil Dead references. Not just Gary's demon nipple but Ray looking at his hand and saying,"Not groovy. Not groovy at all." I am kind of hoping that this season gives a Neron haunted demon cabin or a gratuitous Bruce Campbell (maybe voicing Etrigan?) appearance. Just for flavor.
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I'm not usually one to make fantasy casting lists, but if there is one actor who I think it would be a hoot to see on Legends, it's Bruce Campbell. I can just imagine him getting into arguments with John, the two of them running their mouths off at each other and Ray jumping into the middle to play peacemaker. Yes, I think this needs to happen.
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If you've looked up Adam Tsekhman you might have seen pictures where he's smolderingly hawt, so I wonder if the demonic storyline is going to get Gary a makeover.

As soon as Neron told Gary he could make him whole again I said "Gary's getting his nipple back!"

This was a really fun episode. I agree that Mona is annoying. I tried to be on board, but she doesn't adapt her behavior to the team at all and is a liability. Like, if you saw a couple members of your team doing a con at a con, shouldn't you maybe find out what they're up to before blowing it for them? Also, her "power" is pointless and the cgi and design of it are horrible. Nothing against the actor, but Mona's just stealing vfx budget from better characters.
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