Psycho-Pass: The Creeping Unknown
November 11, 2014 1:02 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Inspector Akane and Enforcer Togane start interrogating the suspect Kitazawa who talks about a person who is able to lower crime coefficients and responsible for the fake hostage. After examining the hologram used in the crime they find out it's extremely elaborate and not the regular run of the mill criminal.

It's interesting to see Akane interrogate people as her approach is much different than some of the other Inspectors based on her personality. I'm a bit surprised how Togane didn't say much during the entire session but instead observed and thanked her later.

Mika is as usual being her confrontational self but I wish she'd let Akane do her job as a regular Inspector and just watch how she works with her team. It's apt to assign certain jobs to people who are more skilled or familiar with topics to save time and effort. Yes, Enforcers are latent criminals but they still had prior careers and lives before ending up there.

Although, the concept of how or what decreases crime co-efficient is not 100% explained but I guess it'd make sense to release people who seem "safe" and they can't indefinitely keep citizens confined for no reason. Does that mean they have some sort of Bill of Rights in place even in their world?

The therapist who visits is suspicious for sure and how he notices the cigarette smoke on Akane is curious. In the next scene we find Akane resting by her desk with a ash tray with lit cigarettes similar to a incense holder before being scolded by her personal holo assistant for smoking inside.

What seems like a off-hand comment is changed when Akane realizes a part of the room's holo is damaged and turns it off to find the note "WC" scratched on the wall. Before she can decide how to react there is a message of how Kitazawa escaped from another Inspector just before his release time.

After a short chase sequence they end up face to face in the sewers and Akane and her Enforcers have cornered Kitazawa who starts ranting about HUE colors and Kamui. Before they can get in a word edgewise Inspector Aoyanagi kills him and Akane makes the first connection between "WC" to "What color?"

The short summary is referenced from Wikipedia's episode listing for Psycho-Pass S2.

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After seeing the last season, it seems strange that people in the MWPSB aren't more ready for people who can commit crimes without increasing their Crime Coefficients, and by extension, point out other gaps in Sybil. I get that Sybil can't be considered completely unreliable yet, but it seems there's still too much trust following episodes dedicated to deviant individuals and fancy tech that can poke holes in the societal reliance on "computerized" scanners.

There is SO MUCH SMOKING in this show!
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