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April 30, 2019 7:38 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Wednesday leaves Cairo, while Mr. World and New Media spread fear, with Mr. Wednesday and Shadow as targets. Nancy and Ibis discuss revolution versus patience, and Bilquis makes Shadow an offer. Laura Moon walks off, carrying her own burden. [Show only; season finale]

American Gods’ sloppy, spirited season finale digs into deep secrets (Emily L. Stephens for TV/AV Club)
Like American Gods’ second season as a whole, “Moon Shadow” has some striking moments, though it doesn’t really hold up to a second look. But that first look is a fun ride. Writers Aditi Brennan Kapil (also writer of American Gods’ rollicking “The Greatest Story Ever Told”) and Jim Danger Gray (Hannibal co-producer who also wrote “Amuse-Bouche” ) fill the season finale with so much energy and bombast, so many ominous-sounding phrases, that it takes a while to understand how little most of them are saying or doing.
Music of the episode from Tunefind
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Potential book-ish spoilers ahoy, but if you want to hear Neil Gaiman's thoughts on this season, and what might happen in the next, Entertainment Weekly as a Season 2 post mortem and interview with him.

Season 3 will be helmed by Charles “Chic” Eglee (The Shield, Dexter), who is already plotting ahead to the fourth season and how to conclude the book’s narrative within the show.
So, expect another two seasons of drawn-out, surreal storytelling.

Back to this episode for a very un-bookish (as in, they weren't in the book) possibility, we might get aliens next season. Unless the new show runner axes that thread that first really sprouted in this episode, with the War of the Worlds broadcast and what looked like an actual abduction.
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As I said in the other thread, they've spent enough time in Cairo so I was relieved the episode ends with Shadow heading out of town. Hopefully this means we'll get some fresh characters.
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This season has been a real disappointment. It's just going in circles, hitting the same beats over and over again. This episode was the epitome of that for me.
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Yeah. It really feels like the only characters that had any kind of meaningful events this season were Laura and Sweeny. Everyone else is the same as where we started the season, with some fairly minor shuffling.
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Count me in for exasperation at how little plot progress was made on any front this season. They finally got the spear, then lost it, Technical Boy is eaten by New Media and then reappears, Bilquist still refuses to choose sides, etc. I think I'm out for future seasons - I love Orlando Jones and Ian McShane, but there is an upper limit to how much speechifying I can take before I need something to happen already, and this show just doesn't want to make any progress on the plot.
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I'll give the new showrunner at least one episode next season before I bail, but this show is definitely on my short list of "not worth watching."
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