Happy!: Pervapalooza
May 3, 2019 2:19 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Meet grandma Sax! I mean, Janet.

Happy loses his virginity. Nick introduces Hailey to Janet, his mother. Hailey confides in Smoothie about her life after being abducted. Amanda discovers she's pregnant. Nick goes undercover to an orgy in shine Tower dressed as an armadillo where he encounters a transformed Amanda.
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Smoothie really kicked ass the episode. From correctly identifying that Sax is actually more vulnerable now to sitting with Hailey talking about her life since the abduction, DAMN what a performance. I think the saddest thing this episode was Hailey saying "My mom is gonna kill me" after getting her ears pierced and the audience knowing Amanda probably wouldn't notice or care if she did.

It's hard to say what Smoothie is up to. He's acting very much like a predator grooming a victim (driving wedges between Hailey and her parents/friends-exploiting Hailey's isolation), but to what end?
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Side note-the devirginizing of Happy!....yeah I could have done without that-although now we have all the characters on equal footing in terms of lost innocence. Even Amanda.
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Happy! lost some of his innocence last season, experiencing drugs and violence, which lead to him hitting puberty. With that as the story line for him, it makes sense that he'd lose his virginity now.

This was perhaps the darkest episode for me, in that Haley really seemed to be exposed to, and desensitized, to the even uglier parts of the (adult) world. I hope there's some happier path for her in this whole messy tangle of story lines.

Also, I'm torn on grandma Janet Sax. It didn't hit "dude in a dress" joke beats, but it felt like it was teetering on that. Somehow, Louie Anderson being Christine Baskets in Baskets (Wikipedia) feels less jokey in that role, and that still made me feel awkward.
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Janet talking about Nick's childhood gives a somewhat darker reason for why he runs out on his daughter to go after Sonny. It's easier for him to go kick the crap out of Sonny than it is for him to sit and listen to his daughter talk about the same pain he probably experienced as a child. He's not just running out on her pain, he's running out on his own.
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The blob thing waking up and running away after Sax tries cutting it open was hilarious.

"Well, you know, alls I'm saying is that your best bet is just roll with it. You know, don't overthink it. Thinking, actually, is bad."

I'm ok with grandma Sax. There was no real reason to have Meloni do it though, but it looked like something everyone had fun doing? But he was doing it in a professional way, exploring voicework and posture.

No punching, really, other than against certain classes of persons who alcohol hasn't killed yet. I could viscerally smell her living room - spit jar, vinyl coverings, and toenails and all.
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I think this might be two episodes in a row now where Sax doesn't accidentally kill anyone. Maybe it's the sobriety?

Happy and Bo-Peep discuss their existence! According to Bo-Peep, Happy should not exist anymore. Maybe my previous theory is close to the mark? Probably not, but giving Happy more depth is a plus. The banana gag was pretty damn funny, too.

I guess I better watch it again, but did the bullet travel through Sax' buttcrack like a Death Star trench run?

Did Amanda have sex with an alien? I feel like maybe I missed a lot of goings-on in previous episodes.

Smoothie, hmmmmm. He might be interested in Haley because she seems to be the only kid immune to Sunny's spells. His claim that he would never touch Haley seemed pretty damn sincere. But I wonder why he reveals himself to Sax.
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Well the aliens don't have mouths never mind genitals so I'm guessing what passes for sex with them is probably....pretty different.
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