Doom Patrol: Cyborg Patrol
May 4, 2019 11:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The team must rescue Vic from the Ant Farm.

Man, this show continues to be a really hard watch. With the butt-monsters, Mr. Nobody egging Vic into killing Silas felt like a direct callback to the catastrophic end of the first Doom Patrol.
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Fucking Karen...
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Man, hats off to the writers.  Mr Nobody was just graduated from horrible but still fun antagonist to all out grade-A terrifying villain, and did it without yanking the rug out from under us the viewers.  Of course he was behind the Grid malfunction all along, and the reveal genuinely felt earned, not sprung unexpectedly as a gratuitous plot twist.

Vic's despair was just heartbreaking to watch, and I'm really getting attached to Rita.  Her character arc has just been laid out in stellar fashion.

"The butts are loose!"  Cue my maniacal cackling.  That was glorious, and I hope they never answer all the questions their existence raises.  Why does the Bureau have a cell full of perambulating carnivorous buttocks?  How did they get them?  What do they use them for?  Seriously, I don't wanna know the details, I just want to savor the mystery.  I hope they get mentioned and Cliff says, "That was fuckin' weird" because Cliff, everyone shrugs, and they move on.
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Man, hats off to the writers. Mr Nobody was just graduated from horrible but still fun antagonist to all out grade-A terrifying villain, and did it without yanking the rug out from under us the viewers.

Agreed. This has been a long time coming: in the pilot, Niles was ready to flee at the thought Nobody was coming, leaving the town to its fate. Like I referenced in my very brief post, we know how Nobody crushed the original Doom Patrol. In Puppet Patrol, we heard that he's at the apex of supervillain power. Danny the Street wouldn't risk crossing him directly.

Basically, everybody but the gang are absolutely terrified of Mr. Nobody, and we've even seen why sometimes. The gang isn't mostly because Niles shielded them from a lot of unpleasant truths that he didn't think they could handle.

I'm really getting attached to Rita.

Same. And actually, I'm really warming to Larry too. Seeing him care about the spirit in this episode after the events of last week was nice.
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I liked that Rita only stole four eye's jacket and shoes, but nothing else.

Those operators are creepy, a bit of classic David Lynch in them.
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I legit gasped out loud when the little Mr. Nobody nintendo head popped up for Vic, even though yes, in retrospect, of course. Given that, I'm not sure whether the jury's technically still out on what happened with his mom, but jesus, how to even start to cope with being like twenty-five years old and believing you killed both your parents.

This was probably the first time in decades, maybe ever, that Larry's been conscious with the Negative Spirit out, right? (Would he ever even have seen it before?) Bringing the spirit out with him, and letting it out of the jar to help them even knowing it would probably go right back into him when it was done, was an understated but nice development to that plot.

I get what they were going for with Darren Jones' impromptu monologue about stabbing his wife in the eye repeatedly with a mismatched fork, but I found it kind of awkwardly placed and nastier than it had to be. I assume it was meant to be a story about his violent drive for conformity, but to me it came off as a guy who'd brag to random strangers about maiming/killing his wife for the tiniest imaginable error. I'm not doing a great job of articulating the difference there, but something between the script and the acting rubbed me wrong and didn't do much to further establish the character as more than a Bad Dude. The little bits we saw of the high-ranking military guy who got fast food delivered on covered platters and killed himself at the drop of a hat did a better and more economical job of making the Bureau of Normalcy seem like something other than generic shadowy government villains.

Also, when the scientist ran by screaming at the end I thought that's weird, it almost sounds like he's saying 'butts'. Ah, this is a good little show.
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The question is, if Larry hadn't been forced to release the spirit, how long would he have left it in the container? Because you know he was considering doing just that. He wasn't going to leave it in the hands of the Bureau, but he also wasn't necessarily going to offer it a home in his body again, at least not immediately. Actually I think this would have been an more interesting take on his dilemma than being forced to let it run free through the Ant Farm. (Although I'm sure both Larry and the spirit were happy to get a bit of payback on the Bureau and its minions.)
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i'm so glad this show exists.


also the emotional stuff is so good. I'm so heartbroken for Vic.
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722 looked like Alan Moore a bit, and the operators looked a bit like Grant Morrison. Is that a coincidence? Almost certainly!
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