Lucifer: Who's da New King of Hell?
May 12, 2019 3:49 PM - Season 4, Episode 10 - Subscribe

With murderous demons on the loose in Los Angeles, it's up to Lucifer to reign in the chaos and protect the people he most cares about. (Season Finale)

*The episode opens on Lucifer at Lux in an exuberant dance number set to Kenny Loggins' "I'm Alright", which continues on into the precinct including Lucifer lifting Dan a la Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing, ending with reality reasserting itself as Lucifer meets Chloe for the latest case. She insists that everything is fine, and that Lucifer should just take a break after all that's happened.

*Back at Linda's, Eve covers up Kinley's murder bloodstain with a rug. When Maze barges in looking to bring Kinley back into police custody, Eve lies that he ran away when she fought him off from trying to strangle her.

*At the hospital, Amenadiel gives Lucifer the baby to hold, which he does briefly but is more interested in seeing Linda. Amenadiel tries to tell him about his decision to take Charlie away to the Silver City, but Lucifer thinks he's talking about circumcision. Before Amenadiel can gather himself to go, a nurse arrives to put a baby-tracker on Charlie and take him away to the ward.

*Lucifer gives Linda Freud's personal journal as a thank you/goodbye to therapy gift, since he thinks he's cured now that he's forgiven himself.

*Dan, Ella, and Chloe are at the crime scene where a rapper, Holla Bae, was apparently stabbed to death in a live-blog, but there's no body, only blood evidence. Dan and Ella say the killer must be the rapper he was in a feud with, Monopolize. Lucifer arrives, annoyed at Chloe for being left out from the call. The two step outside, and Chloe questions if he's truly back to his normal self now, but agrees he can come back to work, and as the camera pulls back we see un-dead-ified Holla and Kinley watching them.

*Chloe and Lucifer question Monopolize, who insists that the feud was over, and that he and Holla were about to record a new track together, but says that Holla isn't actually dead, that he saw him standing up with the knife sticking out of his chest, and leaving the studio in a pizza-delivery truck with another blood-covered guy, Back at the precinct, Ella finds a fan has posted new footage of Holla with said truck, and though the other guy in the picture isn't facing the camera Chloe suspects he's Kinley. When Chloe goes to the church looking for him, she crosses paths with Maze. When Chloe tells her about the case, Maze tells her about how demons can possess the bodies of the recently-doomed-to-hell dead, but that Lucifer banned possessions.

*At Lux, undead-Kinley embraces Lucifer as his king and kneels to him, and Lucifer recognizes him as the demon Dromos, and undead-Holla as Squee. Dromos tells him he's come to help Lucifer return to Hell, that the demons need their king, but Lucifer refuses and demands Dromos return on his own. Dromos promises to obey, but asks to spend a little more time on Earth first.

*Back at home, Linda gives Charlie to Amenadiel to hold, then says she's hired a night nurse who will be there shortly, so they can both rest.

*At the penthouse, Maze and Chloe come to warn Lucifer about the demons but he tells them it's taken care of already. Then Chloe gets a call that Charlie is missing.

*At Linda's, Amenadiel is gone and not answering calls, and the night nurse never showed up because the agency got a call canceling her services. Lucifer realizes what Amenadiel was trying to tell him at the hospital, and tells Linda that he thinks Amenadiel has taken him away to the Silver City. But Amenadiel returns, sans baby, and says he was just out walking and thinking, and that he handed the baby over to the night nurse before he left. Ella learns that the nurse was canceled by a Lyla Clayburne, who Amenadiel recognizes as the woman he handed Charlie to, and Lucifer recognizes as the woman who was with Dromos at Lux. SWAT finds no one at her address, but another murder-sized blood stain.

*Eve confronts Dromos at the church, having tracked him down with her 'Find My Phone' app since he hasn't been responding. She is horrified to see that he has kidnapped an innocent baby, and tries to order him back to Hell, but he tells her he doesn't need her anymore and doesn't take orders from humans, and knocks her out with a slap.

*At the penthouse, Lucifer finds his rooms have been ransacked, and that Kinley's vial has been stolen from the safe. He tells Chloe that the demons must want to use it on Charlie to turn him into the new king of Hell, since it must be a Celestial as king. Eve arrives and confesses about killing Kinley and sending him to Hell with her message. They figure out that the ritual will be performed at The Mayan, a holy & unholy venue.

*At the Mayan, Lucifer tells Chloe she has to wait outside, since he needs his invulnerability for this. Eve insists on coming in to do whatever she can to help, and has realized that she wasn't in love with Lucifer but with the person she was when she was with him. Amenadiel flies in with Maze, and the four of them head inside.

*Dromos does some Evil-Speech-of-Evil-ing about how he's going to mold Charlie into being the king he wants, then fighting ensues. Lucifer gets the baby to Eve and tells her to run for it. She gets blocked in the hallway by the Lyla-demon, but Chloe arrives and shoots her down, and Eve stomps her through the eye with her high heel.

*Chloe arrives inside as Lucifer is about to dispatch Dromos, and he tells her to leave because he doesn't want her to see him go devil-face again, but she wants to let him know that she's truly ok with it, that she was afraid of losing him, not afraid of him. Suddenly a swarm of new demon-ified people arrive, as Dromos laughs about how many people he turned at the confessional, and Lucifer manifests his fully Devil form and commands them all to bow down before their king, which they do, then tells them they do not belong here and to go home, and the bodies collapse into corpses.

*Outside, Amenadiel takes Charlie back from Eve and departs. Eve tells Maze she wasn't wrong in thinking there was something between them, but she realizes that she's gone back and forth from Adam to Lucifer and needs to figure out who she is on her own before she can be with someone, and kisses her goodbye to go do it. Back at the precinct, Ella puts her crucifix back on, and Dan looks at a photograph of Charlotte.

*Amenadiel brings Charlie back to Linda. She cries and tells Amenadiel that he was right about it not being safe here, and that he should take him away to the Silver City, but, Amenadiel says that no one will protect him like the two of them together.

*At the penthouse, Chloe goes to Lucifer and asks if it's over, but he says that it's only a matter of time before the demons come back. They declare their love, and Chloe begs him not to leave, but he flies back down to his throne in Hell.
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That opening number was a thing of beauty. I'd been thinking it was kind of a shame we only got a couple of musical numbers this season, though understandable considering it was only the 10 episodes, but that pretty much made up for it. The lift! Oh, the lift.

Overall, I'm really happy with this season. 10 episodes was a good length, it kept some focus and forward momentum to the story. Eve was well-conceived/well-written and well-cast, she had good chemistry with everyone.

I just kinda rolled my eyes at the cliffhanger ending for Deckerstar. Since it seems we'll only tear the belief in the Moonlighting Curse from these writers' cold dead hands, I didn't have any real hope that they'd end the season with them together. But all of the obstacles to and growth of their relationship this season were so much more believable and organic compared to the train wreck that was the Pierce/Cain love triangle of last season, I feel like there's hope for further development if/when Netflix renews for a 5th season.
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AV Club recap - Lucifer’s season four finale answers the burning question: “Who's Da New King Of Hell?”: "Lucifer’s kind of always been a procedural first and a supernatural series second, which has required the writers to come at the series’ mythology differently than expected. We get a Devil, an angel, and a demon, and while sometimes we get other angels, typically, one is all you get. But this episode has a whole demon uprising, something I couldn’t imagine ever seeing on the series until now, even though it’s not a matter of elaborate make-up or visual effects. (It was most likely a matter of FOX.) Season four has been great for making these larger-than-life characters actually feel that way, especially Lucifer. Because it takes those three seasons of established mythology and characterization and focuses specifically on them, with the cases even more in service of those specific masters than before. This episode makes demons seem like the scariest thing in the world, boldly killing people left and right, swarming on the team and Chloe like zombies, living only for destruction. They’re violent, but they can also be flashy, and they’re the actual monsters. Them holding Chloe back from Lucifer is one of the best visuals of the episode. It’s chilling, really. That’s the best way I can describe them and this episode. Director Eagle Egilsson goes for chills in more human moments too, like post-Charlie kidnapping, when the idea that Amenadiel did it lingers in the air."
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Everybody hates Squee. Isn't that the same joke SNL used in reference to Judge Kavanaugh's high school drinking buddy?
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Oh wow, I totally misread what they were going to do with Eve a bunch of times. I think some of it may have been from carryover from seeing that actress on Imposters. I was so sure they were going to have Eve try to kill Chloe to protect Lucifer, and in this episode I was really sure that when Dromos hit Eve that he had killed her, and that a demon was in her body (possibly Eve herself, who had fought back from Hell to return to that body to make amends) and she would collapse whenever they banished the demons.

It would have been a good series finale - much as I’m on team #DeckerStar, there’s no way they can actually wind up happy together, but I’m still thrilled to get a season 5.
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