Six Feet Under: The Will
May 14, 2019 9:12 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Nathaniel's will is read, and the Fishers have questions. Nate begins to learn both the ropes of running a funeral home and more about Brenda, David has drinks with his ex-fiancée, Ruth tells the hairdresser she's been seeing to take a hike, and Claire "goes to market" with Gabe.
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I'm in, thanks for starting this. I've heard about this show for years but never got around to watching it.

After two and a half episodes, the only person I can't stand is Gabe. Hope the foot freaks him out.
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I've never forgotten that cold open. That poor woman, left with no money or assets at all and such extreme debt and legal difficulties, and a very young baby to take care of. I hope she has family and friends to help her. That's a prime example of why I, in the extremely unlikely event I ever get married, will never abdicate financial responsibility to my husband. Also men who go zero to sixty at the beginning of relationships, much less announce that they're going to marry a woman on their first date with her, are men to avoid like the plague.

David seemed to think he'd gotten shafted inheriting the same as Nate because he'd been working in the business for so long, but then he'd have been drawing a salary from it, and he also would have had his education paid for. I wonder if Nate went to college. If so, I could sympathize with Claire about the will, because it means Nate and David have both received an education and half the family business, while she just gets a college fund. It wasn't a wise will where the three children were concerned. Ruth did pretty well out of it -- she's been set free from the business and can do whatever she wants.

I've always liked that the actors cast for the Fishers looked so much like a family, with the boys having the same colouring as their father and Claire having her mother's. Their personalities fall into familial grooves as well. David is like his mother: uptight, humourless, very responsible. Nate and Claire are like their father: heedless and sardonic.

Brenda's little stunt with the death bus was horrific. The woman has no boundaries whatsoever (which makes sense once we learn more about her family and upbringing). If Nate had any sense he would have dumped her on the spot. Of course he doesn't and didn't.
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Yeah, what was that stunt with the death bus? Our last glimpse of David's face makes the audience think this was somehow cathartic for David - or is he just sad? His mixed feelings for his father, and David's wild repression, leave that open. But Brenda is trying hard here to shortcut to something that's not her business.
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Re college: Nate went for a bit but dropped out; I think that's already established.

David has aspirations to be a lawyer - do we know that his early in the series? - which suggests he completed his B.A. Or maybe not.

Brenda didn't take a scholarship.

Ruth got married.
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The obituary from this episode:

Chandler James Swanson

July 29th, 1967 - January 8th, 2001

Of Pacific Palisades. Passed away at home on January 8, 2001. Was the founder of Beauty-Vision, a personalized self-management system, with franchises in thirteen states and the nation of Uruguay. He is survived by his wife Adele and daughter Haley.

Funeral Services will be held at 4:00 p.m. Saturday, January 13th at Fisher & Sons. Interment to follow at Woodlawn Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Chandler Swanson Interment Fund at the Santa Monica branch of Washington Mutual Bank.
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