Years and Years: Episode 1
May 15, 2019 1:48 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The focus of the six-part series is the Manchester-based Lyons family: Daniel is dating Ralph, Stephen and Celeste worry about their kids, Rosie is about to have her second child, and Edith has not been home for years. Presiding over them all is Gran, the imperious Muriel. All their lives converge on one crucial night in 2019, and the story accelerates into the future, following the lives and loves of the Lyons over the next 15 years

The first episode covers how the first five years of changes affect the family.

Subtle, and not so subtle exploration of future-tech, local politics, world politics, plus exploration of how quickly extended family dynamics can shift.
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I'm a completely unrepentant RTD stan (fight. me.) so I guess it's time to fire up the VPN. Thanks for the reminder--I knew this was imminent but not being in the UK had sort of lost track of exactly when. (I guess it's going to show up on HBO too at some point?)
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Another non-UK RTD stan here who managed to watch it. Really uncomfortably close to reality, but wonderful human relationship portrayal as always from RTD.
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Watched this on iPlayer last night. Phenomenal stuff. The ending was like a waking nightmare.

I'm thinking now that they've got everyone up north for Grandma's celebration because London is going to be a smoking ruin.
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I don't want to fight anyone but I am not an RTD stan *at all*.

I promised myself I wouldn't watch anything he was involved in ever again after a certain episode of the series Cucumber involving violence. (If you've seen it you'll know, if You haven't . I won't elaborate).

Not because I don't think RTD isn't a good writer, but because I think he's *too good* at making me care about characters and then doing *Terrible* things to them, often with very little or no warning.

[Click for spoiler] The ending of episode one will probably give me nightmares for weeks. Not being hyperbolic here, ever since seeing When the Wind Blows around aged 6 I have an irrational fear of depictions of nuclear war

But I'm invested now and have to watch entire series because otherwise I might imagine even more terrible things happening to these characters I now care about.

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