iZombie: Five, Six, Seven, Ate!
May 17, 2019 12:47 PM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Liv and Ravi go undercover as dance partners while investigating the deaths of Gulliver and Nancy, the dynamic duo of Seattle's winning dance team. Peyton confronts Major after Filmore Graves soldiers disrupt a lice check at a school. Clive and Bozzio finds a surprise at lamaze class.
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This was a really fun one. Liv had so many great lines on codependent dancer brain. Her face during "I thought the best part was us spending time together." was perfect. The dance training montage was so great, I had no idea Clive could move like that! (Or maybe I forgot)

The stuff with Michael the zombie kid was sad, but good, especially when at the end he saw that not all humans are like the bullies at school.
posted by numaner at 12:57 PM on May 17, 2019

I also loved the dance montage to pieces. The Clive & Ravi mirror dance while Liv drums on her legs (lifted from Dirty Dancing, of course!) made me positively cackle.
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Yeah, I also really liked this but was rather disappointed that Ravi wasn't having his "monthlies" (still a plotline that is weird) so he didn't eat the guy brain along with the girl brain so they could have been a matched set. But Liv on dancer brain was adorable, Ravi learning how to dance (and Clive being a whiz on the dance floor) was adorable.

All the cyanide reminded me of an Agatha Christie, somehow.

I'm still trying to figure out how a lice check would reveal a zombie.

Seconding the thoughts about "not all humans are bad."

Having that girl that Clive apparently had a one night stand with turn up pregnant was...odd.
posted by jenfullmoon at 8:21 PM on June 1, 2019

The lice check would reveal if they get their hair colored (since it'd be really obvious if there's a tiny sliver of white roots) or wearing a wig.

I think this being the final season the writers are trying to wrap up all dangling threads, and there wasn't any real closure for Clive with Michelle. I think it also help show that tensions run high in a walled-off city when you keep bumping into a pregnant ex.
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So the dancer's ex lover who died when Liv and Clive were interviewing him, he was the killer? And he poisoned himself? If so I think I missed something, that's not what I got from that scene.
posted by under_petticoat_rule at 10:22 PM on June 11, 2019

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