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November 12, 2014 9:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

A Holocaust survivor at a wedding notices a strange man. No, not that strange man, a different one. Soon disaster has struck and it seems pretty clear the wedding is off. Walter takes the opportunity for a bit of matchmaking, and reminds us that purple never goes out of style. It's only a matter of time before someone mentions Nazis, and Walter's only too happy to oblige. Bishop/Bischoff family history, old books and art projects. Some insights into the mercilessness of scientific experimentation, and also of Walter's desire to protect his family.

No one ever suspects the postie or the caterer, as we see from this episode and countless detective novels. Good to remember if you ever want to do something dodgy.

"Perhaps there are some mysteries that are destined to remain unsolved" is clearly the creators' way of saying that no, this is never going to be explained. Dammit.
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The guy with the inhaler who lived a bit longer. Every time that scene starts with Liv, Peter, and the noises...I always want them to open the door to someone having weird, unrhythmic sexy times. I don't know why my brain insists that's how that scene should have gone.

Oh Markham, you creepy twat, always eyeing Liv up.

Really, we're going to act surprised that Peter sold Walter's books? Has nobody on this show other than Peter had feels and then shown their ass? The scene where Olivia quizzes Peter about the books is just annoying to me. Like why is Liv poking Peter with that stick when she effing knows the answer? I may be annoyed by this because I tend to think myself not entirely stupid but then poke peoples' feels because I'm socially awkward, though. I wonder if Dunham does the thing I do where I get midway through my question to a person I care about and then spend the rest of the day feeling sooo stoopid.

I spent some time in art school...the guy with the books and multimedia pieces is a pretty good/not untrue characterization of a couple of dingbat art boys I dated in college. So, that portion of this ep normally makes me cringelaugh quite a bit. OH, LIFE, YOU MAGICAL RIDE. NEVER CHANGE.

Nobody says anything to Walter when he walks into a tolerance conference with a case that has nazi symbols on it, really?

The scene at the homeless camp makes me super sad. DOGGIE! I feel bad about the people but the dog! Ugh.
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Walter knows that Peter and Olivia are perfect for each other. Only-girl-syndrome, or actual insight?

This episode hearkens back to the beginning of season one, where Broyles said someone is using the world as their lab. Walter is appropriately upset about the sale of his father's legacy, and Peter is obviously regretful. We see the ramifications of family work, moving through generations. Appropriate for a toxin to target phenotypes.
The look on Walter's face as the assassin dies - a glimpse of the cold, calculating, intact Walter.
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I just never thought I'd see the word postie in an FPP
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This is not just any tolerance conference. This is an uber-tolerance conference.
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Hitler: totally welcome! #ubertolerance
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Hey, I also used the word dodgy! Watch out for other Australianisms I will sneak in from time to time.

I'm going to visit the States soon. I wonder if I'll use more American colloquialisms then? And how will anyone be able to tell?
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02:40 You know, you'd think Mengele would have had time to buy more up to date frames for his glasses in the last 70 years.

04:49 Oh no romantic advice from Walter. Now it will never happen.

09:07 Olivia to the mother of the bride: "So did you notice anyone at the wedding not on the guest list? Like Heinrich Himmler? Or Rudolph Hoess?"

14:07 Oh no! The Nazis are ruining cinnamon!? Is there no end to the extent of their crimes against humanity?

"This is the brown eye part of your genome" is up there with "This is the cinnamon toast making part of your brain" #science

19:25 Woah woah woah, "he was a spy" and "worked with the Nazis" is "just another skeleton in the Bishop family closet". And we're blaming Peter for selling a few old editions? Yeah let's dwell on that. WTF?

25:47 This art is so passé.
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33:00 Oh no the Nazis stole the jumper killing part of Walter's genome!
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35:35 What Nazi logo? I don't see it
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36:00 Walter's going to get Mengele back! He's going to steal his jumper.

38:00 oh there it is fluffy battle kitten, yeah once the trade hall sets up and the key note is over, things get lax and anyone can walk in.
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Flying saucers and eternal youth. All the legitimate scientific fields.

So, if Hauptsturmfuhrer Unfashionable Glasses has been around for 70 years post WWII, how come he's never managed to get beyond small scale experiments/murders? And has he been doing this for decades, or has he only just started? And if so, why now?

Certainly puts a creepy spin on that Van Morrison song.

Hidden secrets in marginalia. Yay book history! Bit of a rehash job of an old Alias plot point, though. And what kind of "artist" would destroy, deface, and decontextualise priceless book historical evidence like that??? Rather than, say, spending a few years researching the marginalia's provenance and using it to write an obscure scholarly article? What a dingbat!
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The Secret Plot to Steal Hitler's Jumper. Coming next on the History Channel.
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That's our Australasian contribution for the day: jumper.
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More than a touch of Marathon Man in that opening.
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