Happy!: Resurrection
May 29, 2019 8:01 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Things are about to get dark.

Sonny Shine dies. Smoothie dies. Nick dies. Amanda goes to jail. Hailey goes to live with Mer. Happy chats with another imaginary friend (voiced by Jeff Goldblum).
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The orgy scene was quite a spectacle. I'm still trying to imagine how they put that together on a technical level.
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Heh and his scarf had the 10 commandments in that scene even though God suggests that he's "just an imaginary friend" who was called into existence by the belief of others.

Not sure where the hell the show is going or if it is even going anywhere. Viewership for this season was WAY down. I suspect this is why they included the death of Smoothie in this episode so that if does get cancelled, viewers will at least have closure with that story line.
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"Celebrity Victim, put her on a pedestal..."

Sums Hailey up pretty well, in one sense of the word. She certainly steps up, not that she hasn't been the sturdiest of troopers all along.

Nice bit of Drunken Master fighting by a drugged Sax.

The use of shadows and silhouettes was artful. Not feeling the "see dead person = imaginary friends disappear" especially given the time/space-aliens angle. I'd love it if someone could explain.

Really Really liked the trauma surgery teammember who forcefully fought against "supernaturalism." Not that such people exist (like my own moral philosophies) but that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. This was a fun play on that.

Jebus. The Ending (bits with Happy and a Cloud).

Anyway, well played all around.

Tiniest of tiniest criticism; if Happy is able to tumbler bump (and have the CGI budget to do it), why not add the important detail of actually turning the cylinder - especially on a deadbolt, too? Also, a two-way keyed deadbolt? I don't think that's a thing; theoretically physically possible, but not common (would require mirrored keys for each side unless the tumbler profile was palindromic).

If Happy just went through the .... ah, there's actually no (common?) modern equivalent of a two-way keyhole (like Victorian era skeleton keys).... but I could have forgiven everything except for that the door ended up unlocked and swaying open.

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Unsurprisingly, Happy! has been cancelled. Some fans hope it will be picked up by Hulu or Netflix but considering its ratings this past season I'm not stupendously optimistic. I am glad we at least got two great seasons out of it and some wonderful cameos.

So it seems the story ends, sadly, with Hailey having doubled down on the trauma by shooting her father, Amanda in jail, Nick resurrected as the indentured servant to the Orcus, millions of little kids traumatized by the murder of Sonny Shine, and the mass extinction of millions of IFs. About the only person who got a happy ending was Smoothie

And most likely Bo Peep. (Sorry I had to go for the cheap joke. It seemed right.)
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Lovely use of Radiohead's Bulletproof (I Wish I Was) (lyrics only; live acoustic version).

The use of shadows and silhouettes was artful. Not feeling the "see dead person = imaginary friends disappear" especially given the time/space-aliens angle. I'd love it if someone could explain.

It seems like experiencing trauma or "adult" events that are hidden by adults (pets don't die but "go to a farm," the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus type of things) means that kids lose the naivety and/or child-like creativity to believe in imaginary things.

I'm sad there won't be a season of Happy! with Halloween, because it would have been magical.
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I'm just finishing the series on Netflix, and wow, that was bonkers.
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On rewatch, Hailey's stage singing feels strongly like a mash note to Lynch's (original) 'Twin Peaks.'

As a rewatch binge over a few days, this show has been a treat.

Meloni is amazing, but he's surrounded by just-as-good support. The child actor Bryce Lorenzo is fantastic, the villains right villainous, and Det. 'Mer' (Lili Mirojnick) did a great "straight man" role in an utterly bizarre production.

Patrick Fischler as Smoothie was seriously creepy.

Ritchie Coster as Blue-Scaramucci/ Orcus-Scaramucci was nuanced.

Patton Oswald doing Grade A++ work.
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