Desperately Seeking New Shows
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GoT is done and many of my other shows are done for the season. Anything new shows looking good?

Many shows just had their season finale (Happy! and Goo Girls among them). Anything new to take their place? I went from having about 3 shows I watched each week to......nothing.

And yeah I already binged Good Omens once.
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Do you have Netflix? I've really been enjoying the first few episodes of Tuca & Bertie. It's like Bojack Horseman on anti-depressants -- same animal-people design and high/low-brow sense of humor that leans on the clever puns and visual gags, but looser and more vibrant, with all the morose gravitas replaced with a surreal kind of manic energy. Even the nervous breakdowns become lush song-and-dance numbers! It's great.
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Oh that sounds wonderful! Yes I have Netflix. I was looking for something more episodic in release because I have no self control when it come to tv.
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Chernobyl is an HBO miniseries that just finished, it's been getting really great reviews.
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Gentleman Jack!! It's amazing. The season finale is this week though.
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This is kind of a tough sell to anyone who isn't enough of a comics fan to subscribe to DC Universe, but their Doom Patrol series is just really great. I'd be inclined to say it's worth subscribing for the month to see all fifteen episodes. It's probably the only superhero show I would recommend to people who are burned out on superheroes. (The Tick on Amazon is also good, but may not really work for anyone who's experiencing cape fatigue.)
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Perpetual Grace LTD seems good so far.
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Agreed, The Tick (the recent live action one) is adorable.

Counterpart started good, but kind of fizzled during the second and final season. Amazing acting, though.

Sneaky Pete was fun, ended after 3 seasons.

Barry is interesting.

Doom Patrol is much better than it needed to be.

Killing Eve kills.

What We Do in the Shadows is a good in a dry The Office kind of way. Norsemen is good along similar lines (The Office but with Vikings).
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It's a bit old by now but Recitify has probably some of the best acting of any show I've seen in the last several years, and I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix now. You need to watch several episodes to get into it though.
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