Twin Peaks: On the Wings of Love   Rewatch 
November 13, 2014 5:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Harry narrowly escapes the murderous designs of the enigmatic (yet oddly inconsequential) Miss Jones. Gordon and Cooper find thrilling new connections at the Double R., demonstrating why BREAKFAST IS A REAL GOOD IDEA. Donna's suspicions about her mother and Ben deepen. Cooper and the gang visit an ancient cave and find some surprising secrets. The earth shakes.

Scheduling: new episodes posted every Tuesday and Thursday. Both re-watchers and new viewers are welcome.

Watching: available for streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and for free on Hulu and CBS's site.

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BONUS STUFF: TP fansite Welcome To Twin Peaks is curating a Spotify playlist: Nighttime At The Roadhouse, a growing collection of old and new tracks either directly inspired by, or otherwise evoking the spirit of the series. Go follow it...
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Mrs. Jones was here long enough to be here for no reason at all. It does, however, lead to a genuinely funny recurring joke where everybody tries to make Harry throw up.

Hm. Owl Cave. I both sort of like it and sort of don't -- it feels like something out of the Bigfoot episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, which is an episode I love, but, at the same time, not as an episode of Twin Peaks.

I just remembered that my mention of The Six Million Dollar Man is not arbitrary -- Mark Front used to write for the show.
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Gordon is definitely my favorite character. BANZAI!
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