Special Event: The 2019 Tony Awards
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It's the 73rd Annual Tony Awards, is what!
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Obligatory Rachel Bloom Link: Nobody Will Watch The F’ing Tony Awards With Me
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I haven't seen any of the nominated shows yet, but I'm mostly just rooting against Tootsie because, ugh. I'm looking forward to the Hadestown and Beetlejuice numbers.

(Some gorgeous voices in the Temptations cast though.)
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Gosh, Elaine May looks good. Whatever she's getting, it's overdue.

I am also here for Hadestown and Beetlejuice. I have obsessed over the Beetlejuice album all weekend since it dropped on Friday, but I know Hadestown is the true champion. It is so wonderful, but I cannot finish the live album because it is too sad, can you imagine. I only listen to about half of it, but I listen to that half a lot. I am firming up plans to go see it in the fall.

Tootsie is ... not my choice for this moment in time. It breaks my brain a little that the composer behind The Band's Visit is doing it, though. That was an exquisite jewelbox of a show. I understand a guy's gotta make the money, but ...
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I probably am going to miss this new Oklahoma That Fucks, which I regret; it sounds like huge fun
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Yeah, that Ado Annie was something, what a belting voice she has.
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Rachel Chavkin out here showing us the way the world should be!
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oh man, Beetlejuice. That was huge fun.

(if I ever get married, I'm going to bury "Creepy Old Guy" on the reception playlist)
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Is it just me, or did the Cher Musical vocals seem out of sync with their music? It got better as it went on, but seemed like a rough start.
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Yay for Hadestown!
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For a couple thousand year-old story, Hadestown is the freshest, most innovative, unabashedly political (I'll even say socialist) thing I've seen in some time. It's so extraordinary and I'm so happy it won.
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I listened to the Hadestown recording today, and I cannot believe that Mitchell wrote "Why We Build the Wall" more than a decade ago. I love the music; I need to see Patrick Page sing those notes in person.

I thoroughly enjoyed the broadcast. Everyone is so happy and supportive.
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