Jessica Jones: A.K,A. The Perfect Burger
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As Jessica focuses on helping the helpless, Dorothy Walker shows up at Alias to beg for her help finding a missing Trish.
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I'm not planning on doing a binge-postathon for this season despite (or because?) this being the last of the series and of the entire Marvel/Netflix partnership. I was not happy with season 2, and while I did find this first episode promising, it didn't make me want to devote the entire weekend to drafting individual posts. I'll post a full-season thread once I get to the finale, if nobody else gets there ahead of me.
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Where did homeboy get custom ratio ground chuck/short rib/brisket at that hour? Do NYC butchers stay open 24/7? If they went to his place to get beef, why not just stay there? IDGI.
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I thought they were all cancelled!

Thanks oh yeah!
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It's funny, I forgot that I skipped season two (because it was said to bring back Kilgrave, and I had more than enough of that guy the first time around), so when there were characters talking about things I wasn't familiar with, I had to stop for a second and figure out why. Not that it's a problem, but it was a bit of a disconnect.

I think I'm with oh yeah! in that this seemed like it has promise, I'm not tearing my hair out to get to the next episode. Actually there are enough problems in the show that I've got some serious doubts about how and where it's going to go. In particular I agree with the comments in the AV Club review about how Jeri's request of Jessica is especially unrealistic and problematic and really off-putting.

Also, you're not the only one wondering about the availability of specialty cuts of meat and all-night butchers, axiom. Now if they had gone to his place where he happened to have the ingredients in his fridge, that would have made a whole lot more sense.
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Is Jessica's taste in men improving? Y/N He has a lovely speaking voice. Perhaps they will go to a karaoke bar at some point... that poor girl never has any fun.
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Just watched the first two episodes last night and am looking forward to the rest. I’ll miss this show when it’s gone because it’s rare to watch something that features women in almost every significant role (Jessica, Trish, Jeri) and focuses almost exclusively on their concerns. Several of the minor roles are women, too—Jeri’s old flame, Trish’s mom, Jessica’s assistant—giving more opportunities for exclusively female focused conversations.

I constantly harp on the Bechdel Test, and while I know something’s not necessarily a feminist triumph because it passes, it’s just refreshing to watch something where almost every conversation is between two women, and is about themselves or another woman:
  • Jessica and her assistant Genevieve snark at each other over the office decor.
  • Trish’s mom talks to Jessica about Trish being missing.
  • Trish’s mom talks to Trish about salvaging her career.
  • Jessica and Trish have it out over Trish killing Jessica’s mother and Trish having superpowers now.
  • Jeri reconnects with her old flame Kith at a fundraiser where they talk about Kith’s music foundation.
  • Jeri talks to Jessica about her worsening MS symptoms and asks her to assist in medical suicide
It is so rare to see a show that decentres white men so thoroughly—Malcolm, the only main character who’s not a woman, is black, and supporting characters Vido and his dad are Latino.
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It's funny, I forgot that I skipped season two (because it was said to bring back Kilgrave, and I had more than enough of that guy the first time around)

I think there was a brief flashback or dream sequence with Kilgrave, but he's almost entirely absent, even as a topic of conversation. Season 2 isn't about him at all.
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I am so excited that her new assistant is being played by a trans woman of color - not clear yet if the character is trans, but I certainly hope so.
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I'm going to miss the Netflix Marvel shows because I swear they have about 5 shooting locations and no matter how carefully they try and hide that, I'm pretty sure I'm seeing the edges coming through. Jeri's office looked like it was next door to Iron Fist-y's mansion set location, and Trish's loft felt like it was just a new space in Daredevil's complex.
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I finished this and ended up really liking this season. I liked all the women - finally a bi woman as a serious love interest, and there's none of that horrible bi women can't commit stereotyping! And Gillian, who we don't get nearly enough development on. I also liked how the whole season is just constantly trying to address what it is to be a hero, and how at the end it's actually horrible and meaningless.

I'm also imagining Gillian out at brunch afterward with her friends telling them about how that job ended and how messed up it was.
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bile and syntax - did you mean to post that in this thread, or in the full-season thread?
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