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July 6, 2019 1:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Banned by Misato from going on a class trip to Okinawa, Shinji and Asuka catch up on their studies. An embryonic Angel is found inside a volcano, and Asuka volunteers to carry out the perilous task of retrieving the creature.
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There are some problematic bits in this episode, but Pen Pen being shipped to the hot springs to enjoy the water is not one of them. That little self-satisfied swim past Shinji!
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I like the scene of bored NERV staff goofing off in the war room. The pool seems like a terrible place to bring your laptop and do homework.
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almost every anime, even current "progressive" ones, have hot spring scenes with nude women teasing each other and/or male character being uncomfortably pervy (see: My Hero Academia, Black Clover, etc.)
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One of my favorite things about Anime is the importation of Japanese values regarding nonsexual nudity.

One of my least favorite things about Anime is the importation of Japanese values regarding sexual nudity, especially the sexualization of young girls.
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Odd how instantly resigned Asuka is when she thinks she’s going to die. I liked the way the hot spring scene was used to touch on some fairly sombre backstory.
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I've always loved how Asuka and Misato talk in the hot springs at the end of the episode. Just talking normally, about personal things -- Misato's scar from Second Impact. It feels grounding.

I know Pen Pen is basically just comic relief/cute animal sidekick fanservice, but I love how much personality he has. I just want to squeeze him.
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(except in the hot springs!)

Certainly some outdated problematic bits going on (the plugsuit inflation scene especially seemed like it was ticking off various animators' kink boxes?), but I was once again surprised by the episode's balance between humor and more understated, sombre moments. Kaji and Misato's almost throwaway references to the Second Impact's effect on their lives, Asuka's resignation to dying in the middle of all that magma, man.

Despite the prolonged swimsuit cleavage close-up shot, Asuka easily solving Shinji's physics assignments ("wow, you're reviewing elementary stuff") was an effective use of dialogue to throw in some backstory - I forgot she already graduated college in Germany, and it was a nice touch to acknowledge that even though she's a child prodigy, being fully literate in another language (especially one with a different writing system altogether) does take time and effort.

I haven't been able to focus on subtitled media for days, so I switched to the Netflix dub for this episode while I made my coffee this morning. While it feels almost sacrilegious to say so, the dub's voice actors sound pretty good? Asuka and Misato are noticeably less high-pitched over-the-top in the Netflix dub vs the original English dub, and Misato's newer dub actress switches between jokey and serious quite well.
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Asuka is living a nightmare: going back to highschool in a foreign language, despite having graduated college. I wouldn't care about my grades either!
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