Los Espookys: El laboratorio alienígena (The Alien Lab)
July 14, 2019 4:07 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A high-maintenance researcher tasks Los Espookys with creating alien lab subjects for her government presentation; Tico tries to reassure Bianca while Renaldo, Úrsula and Andrés have differing opinions on her latest screenplay.
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I found this to be the weakest episode so far, probably because it's setting up the pieces for a finale. (Why is this season only six episodes? There'd better be a season 2!) I still enjoyed it, mind you, but the free associative humor felt more constrained by the need to get to a certain conflict. I fully expect a fun pay off next episode though.
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Yeah, I also felt like it was the weakest, but I don't know if it was the setup or the fact that it seemed to mostly rely on jokes it already had made

I did enjoy the American embassy crew, though. and the fact that the reflection of the American ambassador seems to be mostly bad because there are now two of her.
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PS, Mundocinema.net is a working link, and leads to a six-minute mock-horror video.
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If this is the one where Gregoria got free, I thought that whole sequence was so beautiful. For some reason I missed it the first time I watched (guess I was looking at my phone) and the second time I watched I was like holy shit look at this. I guess when she was saying "I was found on the beach" and with the "Mommy!" Stuff I assumed it meant she was found there as a robotic child or alien child or just beautiful human child or something. But the reveal that no she was actually just a human adult with a family who loved her and she could be one again - I thought that was such an interesting and important thing to say, and the way they showed it was so concise - it was like blink and you miss it but it was saying so much. It's like a show that is smart and good enough to trust its audience that we will pick up what they're putting down without resorting to some awful voice-over narration to say "and here is exactly what I did and how I felt about it and everything". I need shows like this to live.
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Some of us do think critically about movies and tv shows!!!
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If you have any idea what the song over the end credits of this episode is, please memail me. It isn't Grado 33 (Naufrago) as Tunefind says.
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