Punch Up The Jam: 77 - Kiss From a Rose (w/ Travis McElroy)
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We punched up the TRUE national anthem with Travis McElroy (@travismcelroy - My Brother, My Brother and Me, The Adventure Zone podcasts). Is it drugs? Is it love? Are they the same thing? Seal will never explain his 1994 hit "Kiss From A Rose" and personally??? I respect that . Video of the punch-up available on Youtube! Plus, an important announcement from Demi.

"Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull,
"Don't Give Up" by The Whitest Boy Alive,
"Black Rainbow" by St. Vincent,
"Tiger Teeth" by Walk the Moon,
"Stolen Moments" by Cautious Clay,
"Ghosts" by Gary Jules.

ALSO, I FACT-CHECKED MYSELF on the "key changes" we reference throughout the episode and found this incredibly insightful comment from reddit user "willylumplumps"
"It looks like his main device in "Kiss From a Rose" is to blend the keys of G mixolydian (key of C) and Gminor. So for example, the intro is Gmin, F, G. This has a mysterious sound because the first two chords sort of establish the key as Gmin or Bb while the G major sort of surprises us and snaps us back to key of C. The verses and choruses are G mixolydian which is really just the key of C starting on the 5 chord. He's starts using the borrowed chord flat 3 (Eb). One last sneaky thing he does is that he never goes to the tonic until the bridge which gives the bridge a really triumphant quality because our brains and ears haven't heard home until this point. And then he drops a freakin' flat 6 chord on us just because he can"
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This song jams so hard! I agree with their karaoke-related legislation regarding this song.

Also they put out the idea of a Bjork cover of this song into the world and I cannot believe such a thing does not exist.
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