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July 18, 2019 6:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 21 - Subscribe

As Kouzou is interrogated by SEELE, he reminisces about the history of NERV, its parent company GEHIRN, Yui and Gendou Ikari, and Ritsuko's mother Naoko Akagi. At the same time, a horrible fate is in store for Kaji concerning his shadowy dealings.
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Gendo is the biggest Wife Guy in all of anime.

I never thought about the angle that Gendo is kind of a con artist taking advantage of the work of better scientists (like his wife). So much of his deal is acting cool and aloof when he actually barely has a handle on anything. The shot in an earlier episode of him standing serenely in the heat where everyone can see him while he has his feet in a secret bucket of water is his whole life.
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The real question is why Fuyutsuki goes along with him. Is it just that he knows Gendo is better at, more or less, lying to Seele than he would be?
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Gendo is the biggest Wife Guy in all of anime.

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The footage from Antarctica reminds me a bit of The Thing, which I am sure is not an accident.

It's clear after seeing Jim Henson's NERV Babies that Gendo's glasses do a lot to make him impenetrable. He's not quite so stoic when you can see his Gowron-esque eyes.
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The real question is why Fuyutsuki goes along with him.

Yeah, I’m really not sure how Fuyutsuki goes from gonna blow the lid off this whole operation to giant robot angel human?? Third Impact? Im all in! Young(er) Fuyutsuki seems like a pretty cool guy, though. Young Gendo, though, woof.
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This is the first of four episodes with additional content included with later releases, as documented in EVA Geek's On Air versus Director's Cut comparison, which is described by Tom's Guide as such:
The 26-episode series on Netflix does include the director's cut versions of episodes 21 through 24, and many scenes from that cut are in Death(True)² as well. The supplementary content in the director's cut isn't mandatory for understanding the plot, though it's well worth watching to gain a fuller perspective — so it's great that Netflix included it here.
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Oh, by the way, they just drop this as an aside: Gendo tells Fuyutsuki that the Geo-Front is identical to the cavern under Antarctica and we didn't build it. Weird, huh?

Anyway, you can see here the cooling tanks where we separate the curd from the whey...
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I gave myself a few days to digest this episode but it's still no less disturbing, perhaps in less overt ways than the last few episodes memorably get:

- Everything with Ritsuko's mom! I feel like I must have blocked it all from my memory somehow, like the notion that younger Gendo could provoke such strong emotions in Dr. Akagi that she later described Yui's vanishing as a hoped-for occurrence, and also went to the extreme of strangling a young Rei.

- Young Rei's brief cameo in the episode was so ominous. Like when a child suddenly appears in horror movies, staring at the protag out of nowhere. The little smile when she told Dr. Akagi about Gendo's words, eerie.

- The short flashback? interstitial? shot of Dr. Akagi kissing Gendo while his eyes are open and also looking at the ceiling like he's rolling his eyes, ick. I'd feel worse for Dr. A if she hadn't... strangled a kid.

- Themes of expendability, not being missed because of being easily replaced (especially by a younger, "newer" self), losing feelings of self-worth because of no longer feeling (as) valued - I've seen it in other episodes but it seems especially strong in this episode, upon rewatch.
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Also, had completely forgotten about young Shinji. SO cute and happy and blissfully unaware of the future to come! Oh, young Shinji, I have so much to warn you about, and yet, tragically, I cannot.
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Giant of light? GIANT OF LIGHT!?

There is no way that's not a direct and intentional reference.
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