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Asuka, haunted by childhood memories of her mother's suicide and a notion that she "lost" to Shinji in the previous battle, begins to lose her precious self-confidence as a pilot. A new Angel appears in space and invades Asuka's psyche through a strange beam of light, rendering her helpless.
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From the TV Tropes recap page:

Broken Record: The sequence of Asuka saying the same lines that repeats six times. Although it is somewhat the result of a borderline Dub-Induced Plot Hole; yes, Asuka does indeed repeat herself in the original Japanese version, but each repetition has a different voice actress from the cast reading the lines in their best Asuka impersonation, resulting in Asuka sounding somewhat like (in order) Misato (Kotono Mitsuishi), Rei (Megumi Hayashibara), Maya (Miki Nagasawa), Ritsuko (Yuriko Yamaguchi), and Hikari (Junko Iwao), giving more meaning to her "No! It isn't me!" response. In the English dub however, it is Tiffany Grant who voices all the repetitions until the Netflix dub corrects this by having the other actresses (Carrie Keranen, Ryan Bartley, Christine Marie Cabanos, Erica Lindbeck, and Abby Trott) voice Asuka like the Japanese version.

This is important info for this episode that doesn't come through at all with the captions.
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I've been waiting for this episode to be put up.

When I originally watched NGE (in January of 2015, because of course), I didn't really care for Asuka that much. Four years later though... my heart broke almost every time she was onscreen and this episode completely shattered me. The wounded fury, the perfectionism, the leaping for an adulthood that she thinks will be her salvation... all of the uncomplimentary things you can say about Asuka, from her inappropriate behavior to her anger issues, you can say about me too. I may not have behaved the way she does externally, but every howl and snarl of hers has fallen from my lips, as well.

All of the Children I relate to as a mature person who grew up with depression. Rei's disassociation and Shinji's resistance to things that would help him recover are familiar, but Asuka? Asuka shows the feral side of depression that I fear to show.
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A couple of things in this episode:

The fourth-wall breaking of "This is so serious, they can't even go to school anymore" is a nice touch. But poor Hikari.

I, too, felt so much sympathy for Asuka, forcing herself to be the best at everything, never wanting help, her unbridled rage at the world and herself. Goddamn. This show.

Ritsuko's heel turn seems abrupt, almost like an afterthought as they get into the back half of the show.

The Spear of Longinus: the gun on the mantel since episode... 10? Still mysterious, even with all this screen time.
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I was promised Kaiju and giant robots, damnit
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Early on, Asuka was one of the harder characters to like, to put it mildly. These last few episodes completely changed my mind on that front. I assumed the show would eventually give her more depth, but I didn't expect any of this and I still find it devastating days later.
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Asuka's definitely grown on me, this is some hard stuff.

I'm guessing the SEELE is rushing the other EVAs to completion for an assault on NERV to put a stop to Gendo's plans, but its not likely theirs are any less sinister. Absent any more information, I'm on team Fuyutsuki.
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fifteen schnitzengruben is my limit: The Spear of Longinus: the gun on the mantel since episode... 10? Still mysterious, even with all this screen time.

If you didn't already know, it's another piece of Christian imagery (Wikipedia), tied to the Christ imagery of it being driven in the side of ... Adam? I forgot who was supposed to be on the Crucifix in this episode (spoiler alert: the EvaWiki lists who is actually on the cross).

I won't try to unravel the Christian/NGE meaning of the lance/spear, except to say that in Christianity, it's the cause of a miracle (Jesus' dead body was stabbed, and "immediately there came out blood and water"), where here it's used to hold someone/ something in stasis, then removed and used to kill an Angel.

Bonus link: EVA Geeks compare Original Air/Laserdisc copy versus Director's Cut, which as I noted previously, is what is on Netflix.
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It's been a while since I've seen the first series (10 years at least?), so I've been a little surprised at how I remembered more about the first few episodes than the ones in the middle/end. However, it seems like we saw the Original Air version, so there are new scenes I hadn't seen yet. We also saw the movie re-imaginings, but it seems like the more philosophical the plot gets, the less I retain.
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Since I am finally listening to these...

Waypoint podcast on NGE episodes 22-24
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