Infinity Train: The Grid Car
July 22, 2019 2:44 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

After her divorced parents fail to keep their promise of taking her to game design camp, 12-year-old Tulip angrily runs away from home in an attempt to get there on her own. She finds herself on a mysterious train that seems to be in another dimension and surrounded by dangerous creatures, but gets help from a small robot named One-One.

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I've been waiting for this since I read Adventure Time was wrapping up and I found the pilot short while scouring for a replacement. So far a 5 episode run has been announced, but I do hope it goes for much longer.

The first episode does well at establishing the characters and the bizarreness of the setting, and was enjoyable enough for me to exclaim aloud when it ended after the regulation 11 minutes.
posted by Marticus at 2:47 PM on July 22, 2019

The whole series is now available. It's outstanding, some of the best television I've watched in a long time. I really wish it had been a movie, the story tells one concrete narrative that ends definitively at the end of the season. The episodic nature helps, though, since it lets the writers hint at more adventures though the different train cars.
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It was fun, I just wish that there were 100 more episodes focusing on the weird train cars.
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I enjoyed this! Strong "Over the Garden Wall" vibes with the "relatable characters meet strange companions, have adventures" setup. I love how ominous the Train itself is, with its otherworldly environment and cockroach monsters. I thought for sure that the announcement of Season 2 would drive more interest...?
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