Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Leap
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Memories are gained, lost and called into question as The Beast marches inexorably toward her objective.

Simmons discovers that Sarge is healing from his should-be fatal wounds, and quickly.

May doesn't remember attempting to kill Sarge. After a sequence of agents suffer lapses in their memories the team deduces that Izel is inhabiting them in order to achieve her objective.

Mack locks down the base and the team plays a game of Clue in the command center to figure out whose body Izel is currently inhabiting.

Izel escapes by hopping from body to body, eventually killing [beloved character]. She inhabits Mack to gain clearance to the monolith storage vault.

The team works out that the monoliths represent Time, Space and Creation, and that their combined energy is store in the gravitonium-powered device Fitz created at the end of Season 5. Fitz posits that what they thought was a Fear Dimension was actually a powerful creative force driven by memory, and that Sarge-Coulson was created there and then entered our universe in the distant past.

Sarge escapes and confronts Izel in the vault. He accuses her of killing his family and erasing his memories of them. Izel reveals that he is a being like her, who inhabits this Coulson-body, and that the memories are vestiges of that body. She has been trying to awaken him so he will join her and help bring the Shrike into this universe where they can attain corporeal form.

Sarge doesn't believe her. Izel attempts to escape with the monolith containment unit [or MCU -ed] but is confronted by Mack, Daisy and Yo-Yo. Izel moves to inhabit Daisy, but Yo-Yo intervenes and Izel inhabits her instead.

Yo-zel demands to be taken away in the Zephyr. Mack agrees on the condition that he accompany her, leaving the team to strategize a solution.
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I know they intended the death to be a OH NO NOT [beloved character] but uh, yeah, totally not. Who? I mean I think they struggled to pick someone - they only have like 7 major "lead" characters (May, Daisy, FitzSimmons, Mack, Yo-Yo and (sheesh) even Deke), and maybe only 5-6 named recurring Agents? So there's not a lot of space for another Trip / Lance / Ward sorta surprising death.

Still, a reasonable answer for Sarge, I think? On the other hand, they're awfully busy passing around the Idiot Ball, sooo...
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I did like how they brought it back to the monoliths as Sarge's origin, as the whole portal travel made me think they were setting it up for some parallel universe shenanigans.

Also, bravo for 'Yo-zel'.
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One thing I love about AoS is that they are very insistent on building upon what they've done before. I don't know if they were planning this season as they wrote the season with the Fear Dimension, or even season 4 when they introduced the monoliths, but the explanation that the hitherto unexplained monolith is a Creation portal just really works in explaining both the Fear Dimension and Sarge. It would have been incredibly easy for them to come up with a dozen other explanations for Sarge, and I appreciate that they made sure he grew organically from the existing mythology.

Honestly, I hated the idea of the Fear Dimension—didn't Fitz or someone say in that episode, "Why is it never a Fluffy Puppy Dimension?"—but the idea that it was just Creation energy responding to the SHIELD crew's numerous fears really makes it work retroactively. And I'm not sure that any other explanation of Sarge being a duplicate of Coulson would be as satisfying—I'm glad AoS is limiting Multiverse shenanigans.

I also thought this episode did a good job of the body-jumping shenanigans. During the game of Clue I realized Izel must be in Fitz simply because he wasn't talking, which is hugely out of character for him.

I hope when the current crisis is over and everyone gets a moment to relax, Fitz modifies Yo-Yo's robot arms to look as realistic as Coulson's was. Those plate-mail gloves of hers look really silly.
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I totally did not realize it was Fitz until the last second. They got me!

We rarely get to see Henry be as terrifying as he was in this episode. Interesting to see him as an un-gentle giant.

Nooooo, Davis. Nooooo, Yo-Yo.
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So does anyone think Ghost Rider will figure in to the resolution somehow? Fitz name-checked him*. If he doesn't come back that's a pretty big Chekhov's Gun violation.

We've also got Enoch and the Chronicom Hunters (my new band name) to look forward to. I'm predicting the hunters go into the brain machine to find it has been taken over by Leopold and the Ballerina. Whether that helps or not remains to be seen.

I'm going to go out on a limb and postulate that the resolution will involve sending the Shrike into the framework. It figured strongly in Deke's company, and it's echoed by the brain machine. So my theory is that they lure the Shrike in, make them think they've achieved corporeality, and then pack the machine up and stick it in Warehouse 13 next to the Ark of the Covenant.

*That was this episode, right? It's hard to keep track when it's pretty much continuous action from ep to ep.
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Oh yeah, I also thought the scene between Izel and Sarge in the vault was really well-acted. Karolina Wydra really imbued Izel with the whole weight of her history. I thought she really elevated things in that scene.

Hail Wydra is what I'm saying I guess.
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