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Alicia develops a campaign strategy after Prady comes to her with an offer. Cary gets some surprising news and makes a bold decision. Kalinda... does what Kalinda always does. Not nearly enough Diane in this episode, or really this season. This was a ChumHum-free episode.

Oh my god, please don't kill Cary, Will was bad enough. I can't take it. His smile! I don't even like blonds!
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I thought Chumhum made an appearance before the Prady PAC campaign web video, or am I confusing that with last weeks episode with the soup kitchen story?

Other than the revelation of Peter's affair with Ramona, which we kind of saw coming, it felt like not a lot happened in this episode and it was all setup for payoff over the next few weeks. The campaign, the feds, Alicia and Finn (was a little sad to see the turn that relationship took away from the friendship that we've enjoyed with those two) and probably a faceoff between Kalinda and Bishop since the keycard thingy was never mentioned.
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Peter lied to her face. He lied and lied and he hired his mistress to give advice while he waxed lyrical about his marriage to Alicia.

Alicia' rage at having to rewrite again her marriage from what she thought it was - a brief turbulent time that cost her a friendship with Kalinda - to all the way back to when she was so vulnerable, pregnant with Grace, is shattering.

She has a good platonic friendship with Carl, her friendship with Finn has always had a fission, and it was nice to see the private /public clash there.

The whole episode seemed to be about narratives, how we edit and retell our private lives for different audiences. And Alicia realising that Peter has and does lie deeply to her, that all his professed repentance has been political and shallow - brutal.
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I just can't stand it that Cary's on this hideous downward spiral. And the way he trusted Lemond Bishop's word that he was only kidding — good grief, Cary! Do NOT trust Bishop. He may have impeccable taste in menswear (ask him for some tips if you get a chance) and charisma to burn and be a good father but he is a VERY BAD RUTHLESS MAN. Listen to Kalinda on this one.

Peter, you narcissistic piece of shit, go stick your head in a toilet and flush.

Alicia doing the do-over taping? Awesome. I did like that purple dress better than the red one though.

Diane doesn't yell.
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I really don't think Peter was sleeping with Ramona - the pictures showed them talking at dinner, and then Peter changing in a hotel room - no Ramona in the pic. I think those pictures were intended to manipulate Alicia. She accused him of cheating, didn't believe his denials, and he thought, well fuck it, if she thinks I'm cheating anyway, I may as well do it.
posted by desjardins at 5:13 PM on November 17, 2014

Hmm, interesting. I did think it was weird that the photos Alicia showed him didn't include the hotel room pic, but the conversation in the car with Ramona (with her crying and offering to resign) doesn't really make sense if there wasn't anything untoward going on.
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Oh my god, please don't kill Cary

He's gotten so pathetic, almost too stupid to live. I don't think he'll be killed but someone his vicinity will. Maybe Kalinda will end up taking a bullet for him.

Peter, you narcissistic piece of shit, go stick your head in a toilet and flush.

Hmm, sticking the particularly troublesome lower appendage in a meat grinder might be more effective.

I did like that purple dress better than the red one though.

Me too. I thought the red one looked like she was trying to bind her breasts.
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Meanwhile, Peter Florrick has been wearing the same suit for a year and no one said anything.
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That scene in the car with Ramona and Peter just seemed so random. It was followed by another one of Cary imagining an assassination attempt so I thought the first one would swing back to show that it was Alicia daydreaming how Peter would end the affair... except he didn't quite end it and it was really happening.

You know who I miss? Jackie. What's Jackie up to these days?
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Oh, Cary. Just...Cary. You poor innocent little bastard.
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God, I love it so much when Alicia goes off on Peter. Julianna Margulies has righteous fury on LOCK. "Stop banging the help" is an A+ amazingly sick burn. I liked this episode more than maybe any other episode that's taken place entirely out of a courtroom, even as Cary's plight continues to grow increasingly ridiculous.

Surprised to see that there's been no mention of one of the (possibly inadvertently) funniest exchanges in the history of the show -- the "phone"/"call" conversation between Cary and his bodyguard.

Carter: Phone Kalinda first.
Cary: You said "phone..." Phone Kalinda?
Carter: Yeah.
Cary: Most people in America, they say "call." Did you know that?
Carter: Makes sense. You call someone.
Cary: Right, Bishop said "call." In reception, he said, "I guess I should've called."
Carter: OK.
Cary: On the wiretap, he said "phone." "Phone me when you have a plan."
Carter: I didn't hear it.
Cary: He said "phone."
Carter: Mmm, people say both.
Cary: No, not usually.

My roommate and I had to pause the playback to allow for our peals of laughter to subside after "No, not usually." Best punchline/tacit acknowledgment of the fact that the show has always had a weird thing about people saying "phone" instead of "call" ever.
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Yeah, the phone vs. call thing has been going on forever. It's nice to see them acknowledge it. The other verbal tic that bothers me is "I do" and "I am" instead of "yes." For example:

Are you the governor's wife? I am.
Do you know he's banging the help? I do.

No one talks like that! At least not on any kind of consistent basis.
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Ha, I never noticed that phone/call thing in previous episodes, I was confused when it didn't go anywhere within the episode since it seemed like it was an aha moment to reveal the wiretap was faked.

"I am" and "I do" are actually pretty common in Hiberno-English as responses to direct yes/no questions. I'd guess in the case of the show though it's more of a legalese way of giving a one word answer without sounding like it's just a one word answer. Answer the direct question and nothing more is pretty common advice given to anyone taking the stand.
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Wow, thanks for the linguistic trivia, that was very interesting.
posted by desjardins at 6:16 PM on November 19, 2014

"Phone" as a verb might be a Canadian thing, too. It certainly shows up in my posting history here, as well as a few other Canadian members, but more in earlier posts than the most recent ones.

Thus, y'all can blame Kalinda for this.
posted by maudlin at 7:43 PM on November 19, 2014

I never noticed the phone vs call thing but

Are you the governor's wife? I am.

No one talks like that! At least not on any kind of consistent basis.

I do. I deliberately started imitating Alicia (and Cary does it as well) because I liked the sound of it.
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Another The Good Wife scriptwriting tic is that the characters say, "But here's the thing," a lot. Start noticing it and you'll never stop noticing it.
posted by orange swan at 8:02 AM on May 19, 2015

They also say "a word?" a lot.
posted by Miko at 8:39 PM on November 12, 2018

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