The Great Hack (2019)
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"The Great Hack," relives the 2016 presidential election by following the personal journeys of key players in the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. David Carroll, a media professor who spends the film doggedly trying to retrieve his personal data from Cambridge Analytica. British journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, who exposes how Cambridge Analytica harvested data from more than 50 million Facebook users to create targeted ads for the Trump 2016 campaign. And Brittany Kaiser, the former director of business development at Cambridge Analytica, turned whistleblower
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I am watching this right now and actually came here to see if there were any posts and comments because the documentary itself isn't really holding my attention (about halfway through) and I haven't seen anything I didn't know already.

What I am thinking about is the fact that this genie is out of the bottle and this will just keep happening. There is plenty of data out there for the people with the money, the only trick will be using it effectively. I am curious to see how it is used in the next few years.

I think the only real hope is to educate people about this sort of personalized propaganda and teach folks to look at their data as an asset and protect it. I don't have much faith in that solution.
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Also does anyone have any kind of evidence that 'psychographics should be considered a weapon' as Kaiser claims and it wasn't all just corporate voodoo to sell a product?
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