Six Feet Under: I'll Take You
August 2, 2019 9:42 PM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

A neighbour of Rico's dies very suddenly, and Rico and Vanessa discover that she has remembered them in her will, much to her son's displeasure. Keith and David are vetted for guardianship of Taylor. Keith is cleared of wrongdoing in one work incident, and promptly gets into trouble with another. Claire works on her art school application. Margaret and Bernard recommit to each other. Nate realizes that Brenda's erotic novella is far more fact than fiction. Ruth ends her relationship with Nikolai, and begins a brand new relationship with a baby girl.

The obituary from this episode:

Leticia Perfecta Perez (1929 - 2002)

Leticia Perfecta Perez was called home to the Lord, our Savior on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 at the age of 74.

Leticia was born in Mexico on May 1, 1929. In 1958, she and her late husband Pedro Montalvo Perez, came to the U.S. with only the clothes on their backs. Despite the hardship of starting over in a foreign country and losing her beloved husband to illness in 1961, Leticia always managed to stay positive and count her blessings. She was a great lady and a wonderful mother and was loved and admired by all who knew her.

Leticia is survived by her loving son, Dr. Andrew Perez of Chicago.

A rosary and viewing will be held at 7PM, Thursday, May 30, 2002 at Fisher & Sons Funeral Home. Funeral Mass will be held the following day at 9AM at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Highland Park, CA. Descanse en paz, Mama.
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I can totally see Rico and Vanessa's neighbour deciding that they were a lovely young family who treated her like a grandma and helped her out in little ways without expecting anything in return, and whom she wanted to help -- it wasn't like her son needed that money.

In this episode we learn how Rico found his calling and came to work for Fisher & Sons. Nathaniel really was good to him and was smart to nurture his talent -- it was no wonder Rico basically saw him as a second father. And David's backing him up over the casket choice reminded him of Nathaniel. I can sympathize with the son for not wanting the Our Lady of Guadeloupe casket, though. That thing was tacky.

Keith "de-gaying" his apartment before the social worker got there was hilarious. Though I think he was mostly overreacting, that picture of some guy's naked ass definitely had to go.

The LAPD should have had Keith monitored/treated for PTSD after he shot that guy, because a cop with undiagnosed/untreated PTSD is a disaster waiting to happen. And it happened, and now Keith's career as a cop is over.

Claire has found the right educational path for her, and it's nice to see her working on her application so seriously and earnestly.

I'm with Brenda in finding her parents' commitment ceremony an eye-roller. It was so pretentious and cheesy.

Now we get to see/hear what Brenda's novella is like, and it's... not good. Such flat, mechanical, trite-ass prose. It sounded like something written by someone 10-15 years younger than Brenda. And then Nate figured out it was a transcription of reality, and their relationship implodes as only something that's rotted from the inside out can. I only wish that were the end of the two of them, but being the dysfunctional people they are, it isn't.

Bye, Nikolai! Hello, Maya!
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Yes, the scenes that showed how Rico got started in the funeral business were great.

Even so, my favorite scene in this episode was when Claire burst into Gary's office to tell him how excited she was about art school but he was in the middle of moving on, had already moved on emotionally. Having been on both sides of similar conversations, this one really rang true to me. Timing.
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The fact that welding is not just feasible but obligatory - and the matching hearse parked adjacent - clearly acting as convincers for Clare.

The juxtaposition of Ruth's introduction to Maya and Brenda and Nate's massive row, was nicely done.
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