Critical Role: Uthodern
August 5, 2019 12:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 73 - Subscribe

Live from Indianapolis, the Mighty Nein journey through the Greying Wildlands to Uthodurn, in hopes of finding someone who can reforge the Star Razor...
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Some assorted random thoughts about this one.

- Having an 8pm start was lovely my US East Coast self.
- This had amazingly good audio for a live show. Well done, crew!
- For the love of GOD, Sam...
- But you won me back with the parody of the theme song.
- Holy shit, Matt Mercer in black eyeliner looks AMAZING...
- I loved watching the video of the cast listening to the crowd sing the theme song!
- Also loved Matt's fakeout with who the M9 were going to fight.
- Laura had the line of the night: "Fuck it, I'm a mammoth, I don't care."
- I was hoping we'd know more about what's going to happen with Fjord, but I guess Matt is going to take it slow. I'm sure Travis is chomping at the bit as well.
- I'm in the midst of doing my own worldbuilding for a campaign I'm going to start running in the fall. I was listening to Matt describe Uthodern, one of who knows how many cities he's created, just in awe.
- Liam wins the election! O'Brien/Riegel 2020?
- Guest player next week. Presumably they're the shadowy figure...
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I guess Fjord is in limbo until the sword is reforged. Given that he doesn’t have the STR to support paladin, maybe he could go rogue? I’m doubtful that he’ll just get to be a Celestial pact, as that seems too low in consequence for outright breaking with a patron.

Also yes, that eyeliner was smoking hot.
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That was an incredibly stressful fight, but it's nice to see how Fjord can still be an asset even as a level 10 peasant.

So weirdly enough, D&D doesn't have a set of rules for breaking with a patron the way that there's rules for breaking a Paladin's oath. Partially this is because there's a lot more history of Paladin's oaths in D&D (Paladin used to be a lot stricter than they're typically played nowadays), and partially I think the way that warlocks are typically played involves a more patron interaction than the original intent.

But as it is, I've definitely created spaces for warlocks to switch patrons without much in the way of punishment - they have to work to make the thing happen, and their original patron may be pissed off, but I wouldn't consider taking away levels or restricting character classes, and I would even consider doing some small ability score/feat reallocation (limited to whatever ability score changes they made while levelling) to make things work (the new mystical source of powers made X stronger, but they're not used to their strength so they're a bit clumsier than they used to be). I think that Matt is a little more forgiving DM than I am, so while he's making the M9 work for Fjord's new class, I suspect he's not going to insist on a harsh punishment.

"We brought cupcakes!" "And money" "and booze" "get the fuck in" was a great joint effort for best line.
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Matt in eyeliner is just ::fans self::

But omfg how does Maarish make everything she ever wear look so effortless? She must have some elf blood because dammit she looks great in *everyhing*.
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Faintdreams, right?!?! Marisha always looks so good. I swear, if I had places I felt comfortable wearing that "SLEEVES ARE BULLSHIT" tank she has, I'd get one in a hot minute. I don't know if you watched Sagas of Sundry: Madness, but boy howdy was Marisha's look a decadent treat! In case you don't already know, there's a Critter who runs CritRoleCloset (Instagram, Twitter) where they manage MIRACLES finding a lot of stuff the cast and crew wear on camera.

"We brought cupcakes!" "And money" "and booze" "get the fuck in" was a great joint effort for best line.
I'd forgotten that one! Yes, that was also quite good.

I'm assuming that Fjord will somehow end up under the Wildmother's protection, whether as a cleric, a paladin, or some other class, who knows? It's entirely possible that Matt will homebrew something. I also wouldn't be surprised if they walk the line of stringing Travis along/keeping it fun for Travis for a bit - the teasing and tension are entertaining. They'll probably also be off on August 29 for Burning Man, so the week before is a potential cliffhanger episode.
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The live shows are not ones I usually enjoy, but this was good - no audio issues (hooray!) and while there was a definite effort on to play to the audience, it wasn't overly bad.

Great fight! Very neat to watch Matt almost kill off his wife's character in front of a live audience.

After this episode, I'm really having a sense that the reforging of the blade will invoke a new pact for Fjord, with the Wildmother; he'll be able to return to his hexblade ways, with some slight retooling of a few choices.
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- I loved watching the video of the cast listening to the crowd sing the theme song!

Crowd videos almost always make me cry and this is no exception.

As I blitz through the past like I'm approaching a star from its downstream light, I'm continually amazed by the CR fandom and I wonder what state it will be in when I get there.

It reminds me a lot of MST3K. It feels similar, very fandom-driven, w/ the fandom beaming just pure love, and it's oriented around a weekly, kinda LONG, extended performance.

But CR has so much depth to what it's showing.. It's so hard to emulate what it has.
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