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Netflix - When the virus grows even more dangerous, the friends race to find a cure. But as Apollon closes in, their loyalties are tested.

From Digital Spy: "Danish survival horror The Rain has returned for its second season, picking up straight after the first-season finale that saw the group on the run from the shady Apollon. It's not long before Rasmus and Simone's father Frederik is shot dead by Apollon's Kira (more on her in a bit), but he is able to give Simone a crucial location that can help rid Rasmus of the virus once and for all."
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I absolutely loved season one of this show and was stoked for S2, but didn't see how they could possibly extend the storyline without retreading the same old schtick.

Holy shit, was I wrong. Rasmus is all grown up now (like, REALLY grown, wow) and ready to give Project Alice from Resident Evil a run for her money!

As an American who sees most end-of-the-world/pandemic storylines from a strictly USian viewpoint, it's always fascinating to see other countries and cultures' take on how the end would actually go down. I got a distinct "nanotech" feeling from this season's portrayal of the mutated virus strain in action. Makes perfect sense if your entire goal is to monetize it as a black market WMD.

Normally EU-centric disaster storylines tend to have a "society will obviously prevail, because we can't all turn into power-hungry cannibals with guns" take on things like this. Rain S2 trends darker than what I usually see from other Danish media, e.g. What We Become or Danny's Doomsday.
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